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Xu Xiyan could not control her balance well due to the heels she was wearing and fell from the big stage.

It was so sudden that no one could react to it, even Huo Yunshen.

When Huo Yunshen rushed to her side, Xu Xiyan was already unconscious.

“Jing Xi! Jing Xi!”

No matter how much Huo Yunshen shouted her name, Xu Xiyan did not wake up. He thought of lifting her up and getting her to a hospital right away, but Ma Haodong and Huang Guoqiang stopped him just in time.

The height that Xu Xiyan fell from might’ve caused damage to her brain and spine, and unexpected consequences could follow if Huo Yunshen moved her body suddenly.

Huo Yunshen was not willing to take the risk and could only wait for the ambulance to arrive while holding his wife’s hand.

The whole hall was thrown into chaos where guards and police were needed to control the situation. The fan that had pushed Xu Xiyan had already been apprehended by one of the police officers.

The ambulance arrived not long after and got Xu Xiyan to the hospital.

Shen Mengyuan was waiting outside the hall. When she saw the video of Xu Xiyan falling from the stage and being carried away by an E.R. team, a huge smile appeared on her face.

Let’s see if you can come back from that, even if you survive the fall! Shen Mengyuan scolded.

The ambulance took Xu Xiyan to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The report showed that Xu Xiyan was suffering from intracranial hemorrhage and needed to be operated on right away.

The situation was critical, and any delay could leave a really bad after effect on her.

Huo Yunshen signed the consent that was requested by the doctor with his shaky hand.

“Doctor, please!” Huo Yunshen begged. “You have to save her! I can give you anything you want!”

Huo Yunshen was willing to give anything as long as the doctors could do their jobs correctly.

After seven long hours of surgery, Xu Xiyan was pushed out from the operating theater and into the ICU room.

The doctor told Huo Yunshen that Xu Xiyan would be fine as long as she could survive the next 24 hours.

The only thing that Huo Yunshen could do at that moment was to wait patiently for her to wake up.

The news about Jing Xi falling from the stage after being crowned as the Best Actress had already spread throughout the country.

The news even mentioned that she was still lying unconscious in the hospital.

The person who had pushed her was found out to have previous cases of mental illness and would possibly be deemed criminally incapacitated by the court.

Shen Mengyuan learned from the news that Jing Xi was still unconscious, and she laughed. “Yes! She better lie on that bed forever!”

Shen Mengyuan did not pay much attention to what had happened to her at the ceremony since a lot of actresses did the same thing that she did.

As long as she had her representing label to protect her, nothing much would happen to her.

Shen M

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