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Chapter 1091: Found Her

As the plane flew over the Eastern Sea, Mo Yutian made a mistake as he went to the cockpit and asked his underling to keep an eye on Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan took the chance to open the door and jump down.

“Miss Jing!” the underling shouted. “Sir! Miss Jing jumped from the plane!”

Mo Yuitan quickly rushed out and could only look as Jing XI fell into the sea.

“Jing Xi…”

Mo Yutian was too shocked to say anything. Would it be possible to survive that fall?

The pilot of the helicopter following the plane noticed her and said, “Sir, look! Someone jumped from the plane!”

Huo Yunshen focused on the person that was free falling. Even though he could not make out the person’s face, he recognized the shirt on the person. His intuition told him that the person was Jing Xi.

“Jing Xi!” Huo Yunshen shouted. “Go after her!”

The helicopter and the plane both slowed down as the people watched Xu Xiyan plummeting into the sea.

But just as Xu Xiyan was about to hit the water, something exploded above her. When the smoke was gone, Xu Xiyan was nowhere to be seen.

“Jing Xi…” Mo Yutian gasped and quickly took off his coat. “Go down, I have to save her!”

“Sir, there’s no way she could survive that!” Lei De shouted, stopping Mo Yutian. “We can’t have you risk your life! The plane could not change its course either, we’ll crash if we go near there!”

Mo Yutian felt powerless at that moment, but as he turned to look at the sea again, he could see a person falling into it.

Huo Yunshen? Mo Yutian could not make sure, as the plane flew further away.

Huo Yunshen ordered his pilot to get as low as the helicopter could, and he jumped down.

The sea was huge and deep and looking for Xu Xiyan was like finding a needle in a haystack.

But he never gave up and kept looking. He would come up for air and dive again if he needed to.

And he finally found his wife drifting in the water.

Without wasting any time, he quickly pulled her out from the water. The ladder was already dropped from the helicopter, and he climbed back up with his wife in his arm.

Huo Yunshen performed CPR right away, as soon as they were in the cockpit.

“Wake up! You have to wake up!” Huo Yunshen shouted. “You’re not allowed to leave, you hear that? Wake up!”

Huo Yunshen kept performing CPR until Xu XIyan began to cough the water out from her throat.

“She’s back…” all other people in the helicopter let out sighs of relief.

Being able to save Xu Xiyan from that was a miracle.

But even if Xu Xiyan had regained her breathing, she was still unconscious and needed emergency treatment at a hospital.

Huo Yunshen ordered the helicopter to rush to a hospital.

Huo Yunshen had his wife in his arms the whole time with mixed feelings. Not only could he not protect his wife from harm, but he also could not believe that his wife would make such a reckless decision.

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