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Chapter 1095: Responsible For Everything

Ying Bao climbed into her mother’s arms and kissed her face.

She was happy because the mother she was hugging was the real one.

As soon as Xu Xiyan’s friends and family caught word of her coming back safely, they all rushed to the hospital to see her.

They finally saw the Jing Xi they had always known.

Xu Xiyan stayed in the hospital for two days before she went back home.

After making sure Xu Xiyan was completely fine, the next step that Huo Yunshen had to take was the operation.

He had been tolerating Mo Yutian for too long, and it was time to take action.

With the help of other countries, they froze all of Dark Zone’s assets and took down every faction one by one.

The operation had caused a huge impact on the organization.

It was a huge success, but Mo Yutian managed to escape.

With his organization going down, Mo Yutian had no choice but to go into hiding.

But as long as Mo Yutian remained free, he would still bring chaos to the hard-fought peace.

The peace was only short term because the power supporting Mo Yutian was far more powerful than Huo Yunshen could ever imagine.

A castle loomed over an island in the middle of the Black Sea, in a country called Lstan.

The castle had an emblem comprised of a devil’s snare and a black snake.

Mo Yutian was in the castle staring at a huge map with markings of Dark Zone’s factions all over the world.

Most of the markings were in red, meaning that those fractions had been taken down.

“Huo Yunshen!” Mo Yutian scolded as he punched the wall.

Huo Yunshen had managed to gather all of the G24 countries to take down the organization that he had built up, forcing him to go into hiding in Lstan.

“You do know you’re responsible for this outcome, right?” a woman’s voice came from behind. “What have you ever achieved since you took over the Dark Zone? You threw away everything for a girl. You had so many chances but made no use of them! You are as stupid as your father was!”

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Mo Yutian knew who the woman was without turning his head — it was Lady White Tea.

Mo Yutian’s father, Long Xie, also made the same mistake once, where he almost caused the extinction of the Long family because of Jing Ruyue.

And Mo Yutian had followed in his footsteps.

Huo Yunshen had the advantage over him because he was too obsessed with Xu Xiyan.

“I know…” Mo Yutian replied. He knew what went wrong, but he still chose to proceed with his own method.

No one could change the obsession he had over the girl he had set his eyes on.

“And what do you know? Showing compassion to our opponent is torture to yourself!” Lady White Tea scolded.

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