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Chapter 1082: Something Is Amiss

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s why I suspect that her loss of ability to recognize is related to the operation, a lingering side effect from the surgery. What do you think?” Qin Kun said.

“Yeah. The doctor also said the same at that time. He said that her cognitive ability would be affected after waking up,” Huo Yunshen explained. As long as he recalled the situation at that time when he was needed to sign his name on the risk consent form, he would still feel a lingering fear.

Qin Kun nodded in acknowledgment, then explained what he had discovered: “But you see, Yun Shen, this is the problem.”

“What problem?”

Huo Yunshen felt his heart sink. He was beginning to have a bad feeling about this.

“The CT scan report shows that Jing Xi only has an extracranial injury, and she has not had an intracranial removal of blood stasis. So are you sure she has had an intracranial operation?”

Qin Kun held the CT scan film at Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen could not understand the film, but Qin Kun’s words came like thunder to him, booming and ringing in his heart.

Jing Xi had not had surgery?

Then why was her head wrapped in gauze, and why was she always complaining of a headache?

In the end, Huo Yunshen asked puzzlingly, “What is going on?”

“According to my many years of medical experience, there is no need to perform surgery to clear the blood stasis if it was only a mild extracranial injury. Furthermore, it will not cause memory loss to the patient.”


Huo Yunshen fell into a long silence. He was thinking carefully and was trying to piece together what had happened before. The more he thought about it, the more he felt suspicious about the whole thing.

When he recalled the time when Mo Yutian had used the bone marrow transplant operation for Tang Shixue’s son to attempt a craniotomy for Jing Xi, he felt goosebumps rising on his skin. Could it be that he had fallen into Mo Yutian’s trap again?

What went wrong?

If Mo Yutian had the ability to change a person’s memory…but Jing Xi was still here!

With all kinds of questions in his mind, Huo Yunshen left Qin Kun’s office. Outside the ward, he happened to meet Ye Xun who was coming out of the ward with Ying Bao.

There was a scowl on the little girl’s face, and she looked unhappy. Her pouting little mouth was puckered so far out that you could hang an oil pot on it.

“Cherry!” Huo Yunshen called out to his daughter. Ying Bao saw that her father was back and immediately threw herself into his arms.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not happy?” Huo Yunshen asked his daughter.

Ying Bao hugged her father tightly, looking so upset as though she was going to cry in the next moment.

Huo Yunshen told Ye Xun, “Please help keep watch here. I’m going to take Ying Bao out to play.”

Ye Xun stayed back to guard the ward. Huo Yunshen took his daughter outside and bought her cotton candy, then sat with her on a benc

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