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Chapter 1528: Hugs And Kisses

Little Grape looked at his mother and extended his hands to pull his mother’s cheeks.

Jing Xi pretended to bite back, and it made Little Grape laugh.

She took out the toy she bought and shook it in front of her son.

“Do you want this?” Jing Xi teased. “Say “mommy” if you want it.”

Little Grape put his hands out, trying to grab it but kept his mouth shut. Little Grape grew slower than other kids because of his particular condition.

Most kids learned to call their parents around eight or nine months after they were born, but Little Grape still wasn’t able to do so.

Even though Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi understood the situation they and their son were in, they were still anxious about it.

“Don’t want it? Fine, I’ll keep it then,” Jing Xi sighed as she was about to keep the toy away.

“Wommy!” Little Grape suddenly shouted.

Even though it sounded different from what Jing Xi was expecting, it was still Little Grape’s first word.

“Did you just call me? Say that again!” Jing Xi exclaimed in excitement.


Jing Xi made sure that Little Grape was calling her and jumped in excitement.

“Mom! Did you hear that? He just called me mommy!” Jing Xi turned to Jing Ruyue and said.

“Yes, I heard that.” Jing Ruyue smiled.

“At least we now know he can speak!”

Jing XI had been waiting for that moment for a long time.

Huo Yunshen came over and took Little Grape from Jing Xi, pulling him into his arms.

“Then, can you call me too? It’s Daddy… Dad… dy,” Huo Yunshen said to Little Grape.

Little Grape only stared at him and didn’t say anything.

“You little…” Huo Yunshen pretended to scold his son. “I’m going to punish you if you don’t call me Daddy!”

“Can you even do that?” Jing Xi laughed. “Give him some time. He’ll be able to do that someday.”

They put Little Grape down on the floor to let him play on his own.

“Mommy!” Ying Bao shouted happily as she came back with Helian Wei.

“My little girl!”

Jing Xi opened her arms to welcome her daughter and kissed her on her cheek.

When Little Grape, who was playing with his toys, saw his sister in their mother’s arms, he quickly threw the toys to one side and pulled his sister’s shirt with his little hands.

“Look,” Helian Wei laughed. “This little one already knows how to snatch his mother away from his sister.”

Jing Xi looked at Little Grape and picked him up with her other hand. Little Grape finally calmed down when he got the same treatment as his sister,

“All right, Cherry, you can come down now,” Huo Yunshen said, not wanting to wear his wife out. “Give your mother a break.”

Ying Bao climbed down from her mother’s arm like a good kid. She turned and realized her brother was still in Jing Xi’s arm.

“Little Grape, down, you come too. Mommy needs to rest,” Ying Bao said as she hugged Little Grape down.

Ying Bao was taking responsibility for taking care of her little

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