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Chapter 1533: Loving Her As Much As He Could

Ye Xun wondered when he would become the most important one to Huo Sanyan, rather than merely a sleep partner on call.

Huo Sanyan did not get his point. She simply replied, “No, no, no. You are my personal stove. It feels so cold without you.”


What was the difference between a stove and an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is at least something you sleep on. A stove is merely a stove!

So he was not even like an electric blanket to her!

Ye Xun was completely pissed off. He turned over her and asked madly, “Are you heartless? Am I merely like a stove to you?”

“What else do you want? Not a stove, but a volcano?”

“Exactly! I am a volcano. And I’m erupting tonight!”

Ye Xun bit her lip madly and punished her for her words.

“Hey…oh… It hurts! Are you a dog? Let go of me!”

“No way! You came to me first!”

Ye Xun said nothing further, but erupted with love and anger and overwhelmed her.

Inside the Yunjing Villa.

Ying Bao had been put to bed and Little Grape was with his nanny.

They both had a shower and were finally relaxed.

Thinking of Ye Xun, Jing Xi said to her husband, “Honey, Second Brother seemed very upset tonight.”

“His sister was getting married and he was the last one to know. Of course he was upset. But I guess there is something else.”

“What is that?”

“My third sister! His sister already got married. But he is still single. How could he not be upset? Plus, my sister has been very insensitive and has taken him for granted. He has every reason to be mad.”

Huo Yunshen did know Ye Xun well.

Jing Xi was putting on some cream. She looked at her husband in the mirror and asked, “So what should we do? Shall we try to help?”

Huo Yunshen came and cuddled her from behind. He looked back into the mirror and replied, “Let them take care of their own business. If Ye Xun cannot handle my third sister, what’s the point of him having an IQ of 180?”

“Yes, you are right.”

“I think we should also mind our own business now.”

Huo Yunshen pushed her creams and lotions onto the ground and lifted her onto the dresser.

Jing Xi cried at her broken bottles and jars and complained, “Hey, my cream bottles, they’re broken!”

“I’m buying you new ones tomorrow!”

What? Such a wastrel!

Jing Xi could not help scorning, “You wastrel!”

“Don’t you love me for what I am?”

“I do!” But she also loved her money.

Getting a satisfying answer, the man started caressing her. Their romantic encounter was reflected in the mirror.

It was fervently intimate.

Ever since Jing Xi had moved on from the tragedy, Huo Yunshen did whatever he could to lover her. As long as she was not having her period, they did it almost every night.

He claimed that it was to help her sleep better.

And it was indeed helpful. Jing Xi never suffered again and slept tight every night.

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