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Chapter 1520: Bigger Than They Thought

Ever since Helian Wei had taught Jing Ruyue how to use the phone, she never even called him once because they were always together all the time.

“Hurry up and answer it! Mom must be missing you too,” Jing Xi smiled.

Helian Wei answered the phone with a smile. “Hello. Yue’er?”

“Feng… Where are you?” Jing Ruyue panted on the other side of the phone. “Please, come back… Fast…”

“What’s wrong?”

Helian Wei could hear something was wrong with his wife.

“The castle… It’s on fire… I can’t get out…” Jing Ruyue coughed.

The Moon Castle is on fire? She’s trapped? Helian Wei could not believe it.

“Wait for me! I’m coming back right now!”

Helian Wei tried to keep the call connected, but it was cut.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

Jing Xi could hear something terrible was happening.

“The castle is on fire! Your mom’s trapped in it!”

“What? Wait, calm down! I’ll call the emergency services first!”

Helian Wei’s hands were shaking, worrying that Jing Ruyue might have a heart attack again.

After hearing what was happening, Huo Yunshen quickly contacted JS and had them send helicopters to the castle.

Helian Wei urged the driver to speed up.

“But sir, it’s a red light.”

“Ignore it!”

The driver then stepped on the paddle and rushed back to the castle.

The castle was engulfed by flames.

Jing Ruyue had been preparing dumplings in the kitchen when she caught the smell of something burning. When she went to check, the castle’s front door was on fire.

She screamed, signaling to everyone that the castle was on fire, but she couldn’t find anyone in the huge castle.

She noticed the fire was spreading towards her through a trail of gasoline, and she quickly ran upstairs.

When she looked down as she arrived on the third floor, the first floor was already covered in flames.

Smoke began to spread, and Jing Ruyue had a hard time breathing.

Without any other choice, she called her husband.

But just a few seconds into the call, the phone slipped from her hand and fell into the flames.

The fire was still spreading, and so she could only cover her nose and run to the balcony.

When Jing Xi and her father arrived back at the castle, they could see the first floor was burning vigorously as smoke exited from the windows.

The fire was bigger than they’d expected.

“Yue’er!” Helian Wei shouted, running out of the car.

Huo Yunshen left the kids with his wife.

“Please, you have to save my mom!” Jing Xi begged Huo Yunshen.

“Don’t worry, I will!” Huo Yunshen assured her and ran towards the castle.

When they arrived at the front door, they realized they could not enter because every spot on the first floor was engulfed by fire.

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