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Chapter 1552: Hug Tighter

There was no way that they could get the ring back, and Jin Tiao was only paid a few hundred dollars for it.

There was no way the dealer would give back that ring once he learned how much it was worth.

Jing Xi brought some food for Da Heiniu and his son when night fell.

“Sending food for them again?” Ge Juhua asked when she noticed Jing Xi was heading out.

“Yes. I’ve made some extra food,” Jing Xi replied.

She hung the basket of foods on the handle of the e-bike and put her helmet on.

“Why are you even helping them? There are still so many things to do here!”

Yet, no matter how Ge Juhua scolded, Jing Xi started the bike and left.

Da Heiniu and his son were living at a simple shed by the beach.

As soon as Jing Xi stopped her e-bike, Xiao Tieniu ran out of the shed.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Xiao Tieniu greeted and hugged Jing Xi’s leg.

Jing Xi took off her helmet and hugged Xiao Tieniu up.

“It’s sister, not mommy,” Jing Xi smiled and explained.

“No sister! Want mommy!”

Not only did Xiao Tieniu not listen to what Jing Xi said. He even hugged Jing Xi tighter.

Jing Xi had been correcting Xiao Tieniu from the beginning but failed every time she tried.

But since the little boy had no mother to begin with, Jing Xi was slowly giving up.

Xiao Tieniu smiled as Jing Xi stopped correcting him.

Looking at the little boy’s smiling face, Jing Xi couldn’t help but think how fast time had flown, as the small boy was already three years old.

Jing Xi could still remember her first time meeting the little boy a year ago in the town.

He was with his father when she met them, and they were begging on the street. Xiao Tieniu’s father stole some buns so that he could feed his son and was caught. When Jing Xi saw them, the father was being beaten for stealing, and she helped them by paying the vendor.

The father and son then followed Jing Xi, and she found a place for them to live.

She begged her father to give them the shed that he had once used for fishing.

Not only did Jing Xi take them in, but she also fed the parent and child.

Xiao Tieniu had a hearing problem with one of his ears and needed surgery to fix. But with their lives as they were, there was no way they could afford it.

Since Jing Xi could not save much money, as her mother would take it all away, she could not find enough money for the surgery even if she wanted too.

After playing with Xiao Tieniu for a little while, the little boy pulled Jing Xi into the shed.

Jing Xi then set the food down on the table and said, “Brother Heiniu, it’s time for dinner.”

The man came out with a makeshift wooden walking stick.

“Sorry for troubling you every time,” Da Heiniu apologized.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jing Xi smiled.

The man then sat down and began to eat with his son. It wasn’t hard to see from the man’s upright eating posture that he came from a wealthy family.

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