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Chapter 1559: Her Wild Dream

Jin Hua was never going to look for a job. But hearing that the royal palace was hiring, she was suddenly provoked.

She heard that the current king had lost his wife a few years ago. He raised their two children and never got married again.

And she saw the picture of the king. He was very handsome.

If only they could hire her, then she would have a chance to meet the king.

What if the king got attracted to her and wanted to marry her? She would live a luxury life from then on.

With such a wild dream, Jin Hua proposed, “Xiaoxi, I’m going with you tomorrow. I want to try too.”

Jing Xi was indeed surprised. “You want a job?”

“Yeah, why not? We have a bigger chance if we both go. If they don’t want you, I can try. I bet they won’t even let you step into the palace. I probably could make it.”

Jin Hua played with her hair and indulged herself in the wild dream.

“Fine. Let’s go together tomorrow.”

Jing Xi assumed that it was good for Jin Hua to get a job too. Otherwise, how could she provide for the entire family? They had some good sleep and headed for the royal palace the following morning. When Jing Xi left home, Jin Hua rushed out panting, “Wait for me, wait!”

She was so afraid that Jing Xi would not wait for her and complained, “What’s the rush? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“You were too slow. We are going to a job interview. What’s the point of dressing up like that?”

Jing Xi looked at Jin Hua again and realized that she had put on the jewelry her mother had prepared for her wedding. It seemed like she was indeed getting married.

“We are going to the royal palace. How could we not be dressed up? It’s courtesy. You’ll never understand.” Jin Hua looked at Jing Xi again.

Seeing her old clothes and ugly face, she doubted they would ever let her in. It would probably be her chance today.

“Fine. Let’s go!”

Jing Xi took her to the bus station.

They took the bus as well as the subway and finally arrived at the heart of Mo City: The Triumph Palace.

It took them a while to find the entrance.

Guided by the guards, they finally got to the interview venue. Oh my god! There are a whole lot of people in line!

Jin Hua seemed surprised by the long line and complained, “How could there be so many people?”

“They have every reason to be here. Who hates a better job?”

Jing Xi took a look around and found that the girls here were mostly young and charming. They were all extravagantly dressed up.

She thought Jin Hua was making a scene. But actually, there were quite a few in gowns who seemed like movie stars on a red carpet.

It seemed they needed to fill out some forms before getting in line. Jing Xi asked Jin Hua to stay. “I’ll get the forms. You stay here.”

“Get me one.”

“Of course.”

Jing Xi got two forms and returned to Jin Hua. They filled them out and handed them to the person in charge.

They waited from the morning

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