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Chapter 1537: What Should We Be Afraid Of?

What was his reaction when Li Ruochu told him that the baby was his?

He never believed her. And he even forced her to abort the baby. Perhaps that was why she decided to leave him for good.

Helian Qingyu was filled with regret now. He wanted to find Li Ruochu and make up for it.

But that woman was not giving him any chance. What could he do?

How difficult or even dangerous it would be for her to conceive the baby by herself in a strange country. Yet he had been clinging to his misunderstanding and hatred. How wretched he was!

Seeing Helian Qingyu clutching his head in regret, Jing Xi patted him on the shoulder and said, “Brother, stop regretting. Now you know what you should do and luckily it was not too late. Go find Ruochu and your baby and take your responsibility as a good husband and father. It’s never too late! Come on, brother!”

Helian Qingyu said nothing further. But he took Jing Xi’s words seriously.

When everything was settled he would definitely go and get that woman back.

They prepared an early dinner. After dinner Jing Xi was about to leave.

Before they left, Jing Xi cuddled her daughter and son and felt reluctant to get in the car.

“Sweetheart, stay home and wait for mommy!” Jing Xi told Ying Bao.

“Sure. Mommy, go for it! I’ll wait for you here.” Ying Bao clenched her little fist.

Handing the baby to the nanny, they left the presidential palace and headed for the national theatre.

Helian Wei would show up tonight for the concert, in order to confirm for the audience that it was Jing Ruyue herself giving the performance.

Jing Xi and her parents had planned it well secretly. Huo Yunshen took his men to get prepared.

Twenty thousand tickets were quickly sold out. So many people were waiting to see their violin goddess again after twenty years.

In the dressing room Jing Xi helped her mother put on perfect makeup for tonight.

When they finished the makeup and had her dressed, Jing Xi handed her Artemis.

Taking over the violin, Jing Ruyue very nervous and her hands were trembling. “Jing Xi, can I do this? It has been over 20 years. I’m afraid I will screw it up.”

“Don’t be afraid, mother. You should remember that we are here to save more people’s lives rather than merely giving a performance. What should we be afraid of?”

Jing Xi tried to calm her down. Jing Ruyue nodded. “Right. I got it.”

She hugged her mother once again and had her sent to a safe place.

Then she sat down and started to put on her own makeup. She was quick and skillful. After a short while another Jing Ruyue was sitting there instead of Jing Xi.

She got ready and sat there waiting for Yun Xuerou. They knew that Yun Xuerou would never stand aside and watch Jing Ruyue give the performance.

She definitely would not wish her success.

It was a gamble whether Yun Xuerou would come tonight.

Time passed by. There was only

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