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Chapter 1530: It’s Too Late To Regret Now

“Not really,” Ye Xun said as he looked at his sister and sighed. “When’s the wedding?”

Since Ye Xun started to care about the details of the wedding, it showed that he had finally given up on opposing it.

“It’s on the 20th of December. You better prepare a huge red packet for them!” Jing Xi said.

Seeing that Ye Xun was not opposing her marriage anymore, Ni Xuelin let out a sigh of relief and thanked Jing Xi from the bottom of her heart.

It was finally the wedding day.

The wedding dinner was set at Estan’s most decorated hotel, the Huangtian Resort.

The whole wedding was organized by Qi Fang. He even hired the best wedding planner in all of Estan to give Ni Xuelin the best wedding he could ever give her.

They did not tell anyone about their wedding until it was near.

And because of that, the Qi family wasn’t happy with the bride as they thought she was a nobody that was raised in Zstan.

Qi Fang’s parents opposed the wedding, as expected. That was why QI Fang decided to arrange the wedding before telling anyone.

He decided to tell his parents after the invitations were sent out.

And since it was the Qi family’s only son getting married, there was no way they would miss it.

When the Qi family arrived at the venue early, they realized that the bride was alone.

Chatter began to surround the bride.

“Does anyone know which family the bride belongs to? Where are they?”

“I heard she was adopted by someone in Zstan. I wonder if she even told them about this marriage?”

“She must be going after the family’s business. We have to be careful of her.”

“Could it be that she couldn’t even get the money to get her family here?”

“What’s wrong with Qi Fang’s parents? Having a daughter-in-law like this…”

Hearing what their relatives were saying, Qi Fang’s parents were embarrassed by it. It was supposed to be a happy wedding but now they’d become the laughing stock of others.

“See? What did I tell you? We should’ve prevented this from happening!” Qi Fang’s mother scolded at her husband.

“We don’t have many choices now, do we?” Qi Fang’s father sighed.

“I must’ve been cursed to have such a disappointing daughter-in-law….”

Just as the old couple was bickering with one another, someone announced that the bride’s father had arrived.

Everyone turned and saw a man who was over his fifties come in. He sat down next to Ni Xuelin at the table. Ni Jianghe had booked the first flight he could after he learned about his daughter’s wedding.

Ni Jianghe nodded at Qi Fang’s parents with an awkward smile.

But Qi Fang’s parents ignored him and turned their heads away.

The atmosphere was very awkward until someone suddenly shouted.

“Hey! Isn’t the bride’s father the Academician at Zstan’s Academy of Science? I’ve seen interviews with him, and he’s a famous scientist!”

“Are you sure?”

“Look! His information is all ove

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