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Chapter 1543: That Explains Why!

So Jing Ruyue was his real mother! No wonder he’d always found her so familiar.

That explains why!

When Helian Qingyu found out about the truth, the shame he had been carrying was replaced by roaring rage.

He hated Yun Xuerou for making him a fool for over twenty years, for her evil deeds, and for killing so many innocent people, including his sister.

He had to make her pay for it on behalf of his own mother and sister!

“Bro, she is the evilest woman in the world! She stoled someone else’s babies yet never felt guilty! She has gone too far. She should have been struck by lightning and split into halves!”

“That wouldn’t even ease my rage. I have to kill her myself!”

Then the two men lit Yun Xuerou up and fired continuously at her.

They did not stop until they ran out of bullets.

Yun Xuerou was finally dead!

The secret she had kept for over twenty years was unveiled!

But no one found it cheerful.

Because Jing Xi was gone too.

They could never get her back.

The searching went on and Huo Yunshen never left the cliff.

Helian Qingyu returned alone to tell their family about the loss.

In the presidential palace, Helian Wei and Jing Ruyue were both waiting anxiously for them. But they only saw Helian Qingyu coming back exhausted.

Jing Ruyue felt worried and asked, “How was it? Did you get her?”

“Yes, we did. And she is dead now.”

Upon hearing that, Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei looked at each other and felt no sympathy for her at all. She deserved it.

“What about Jing Xi and the others? Didn’t they come back with you?” Jing Ruyue asked further.

“Jing Xi…”

Helian Qingyu was not able to finish his words before he broke into tears and covered his eyes with his hand.

“Is she OK? What happened? Qingyu, say something!”

Helian Wei had a terrible feeling of foreboding.

“Father… Jing Xi is gone… She fell off the cliff…”

Helian Qingyu managed to utter the truth.

“What? Yanyan fell off the cliff? She… died?”

Jing Ruyue was petrified. Her eyes stayed wide open and her tears fell like rain.

She could not believe what she had just heard. Her daughter could not be dead. “What? Why! Are you serious? I don’t believe it!”

Jing Ruyue could not take it and almost passed out. Helian Wei caught her when she fell and they both collapsed onto the floor.

Helian Wei pinched her on her philtrum and woke her up.

Jing Ruyue woke up and burst into tears again. She cried, “No. I’ve only got one daughter. How could they do this to me… My Yanyan…”


Helian Qingyu suddenly kneeled down in front of them and called her “mother.” He said with tears in his eyes, “You have more than a daughter. You’ve got a son, your son who has been missing for over twenty years. Look at me, mother!”

Helian Qingyu suddenly claimed to be her son and left the two elderly people in shock. Helian Wei asked, “Qingyu, what did you jus

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