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Chapter 1525: Her Glory

Jing Xi had suffered tremendously from delivering the twins, Little Apple and Little Grape.

But Yun Xuerou stole them from her. They were able to bring Little Grape back, but unfortunately, Little Apple fell off the cliff together wth Mo Yutian.

This time, Jing Xi scheduled the concert for Christmas. The main purpose of the concert was to get Yun Xuerou and let her pay for what she’d done to the innocent baby.

They were waiting for Lady White Tea to show up on Christmas eve. Would she come?

Before the concert, Jing Xi had to play herself and attend the Cannes Film Festival.

After six months of production and a marketing campaign, the film Brilliant Stars was finally released in Europe and a few other countries. It was highly praised.

With the reputation of Hanson and the guest starring of the former president of Estan, Helian Wei, the film had caught a lot of attention.

Jing Xi also won the audience over with her excellent acting.

Whoever watched the movie was profoundly touched.

It was called the most touching film of the year and rated as high as 9.8 internationally. With the success of this film, Director Hanson had reached a new high in his career.

Because of its high popularity Jing Xi and the crew were invited to the Cannes Film Festival.

At the award ceremony, Jing Xi showed up in an elegant black dress together with Director Hanson.

The journalists poured in to interview this rising film star.

She was like an elegant black swan. And her beauty wasn’t even harmed by the recent delivery of the babies.

She stood on the red carpet and her smile overwhelmed the crowd.

Jing Xi was beautiful in a thousand different ways, each of which was impressive enough for people to remember forever.

Brilliant Stars was highly praised by the judges.

And it won the Golden Palm Award, the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Script Award.

Hanson won the Best Director Award, and Jing Xi the Best Actress. It got the most awards that night

Jing Xi went international with this film.

People remembered her for her excellent performance and got to know this charming Chinese actress of mixed blood.

During the ceremony, Jing Xi went to the stage and claimed her glory.

The emcee asked, “Miss Jing Xi, how did you manage to make it feel so real in the film?”

Jing Xi’s eyes were filled with tears but she managed to answer with a smile. “You have no idea that I did lose a baby five months before I started filming Brilliant Stars. Therefore I was not acting like a mother who had lost her boy, but rather, I was the mother herself. I was expressing my own rage, grief, desperation and perseverance when I played this role. I believe it was the most sincere and fundamental human emotions that you found so appealing.”

Upon saying so her tears fell. The emcee was almost in tears too and came to give her a hug.

If Jing Xi had not told, no one would have known wh

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