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Chapter 1556: Bigger Than Expected

The Jin family moved to the Dragon Kingdom seven days later by ferry. Trucks were waiting for them at the harbor to move their stuff to their new home.

The government had set them up on the outskirts of Mo City, the capital of the kingdom. Their new house was a mansion.

They couldn’t close their mouths when they arrived at the mansion.

“Oh my god! This is so huge!”

“Wait! Is this really for us?”

“I’ve never even seen such a huge house!”

The Jin family quickly ran into their new home as Jing Xi pushed Mo Yutian in with Xiao Tieniu beside them.

Everyone was happy.

Jin Tiao and Jin Hua quickly chose the two largest rooms for themselves.

Ge Juhua and Jin Hongsheng both stayed in the room on the first floor.

The problem was that there was no extra room for Mo Yutian.

To be exact, Ge Juhua did not want to give him and his son one since she was planning to kick them away after getting the 400 thousand.

In the end, she decided to let them stay in the warehouse next to the mansion.

“Why should they live there?” Jing Xi opposed. “Shouldn’t they get their own room too?”

The reason Jing Xi had brought them over was to give them a better life.

“What can we do? We only have that many rooms!” Ge Juhua scolded. “They’ll just have to live there until our lives get better.”

Jing Xi was going to refute this, but Mo Yutian stopped her.

“Xiaoxi, don’t. That place is enough for us.”

“I’m really sorry… I even promised both of you better lives…”

“What’s there to feel sorry about? The warehouse is still better than the shed!”

Jing Xi sighed and pushed them towards the warehouse. The warehouse actually wasn’t as bad as Jing Xi had pictured. It was big enough, and there were two empty beds. It should be liveable after cleaning up and adding a few decorations.

They set the stuff they’d brought from the Star Kingdom down.

“I’ll sleep on the smaller bed, you and Niuniu can take the bigger one,” Jing Xi said.

“Okay,” Mo Yutian nodded, happy with the space that he could live in.

“Daddy! I want to sleep with mommy at night,” Xiao Tieniu begged after hearing that he couldn’t sleep with Jing Xi.

“What’s wrong with sleeping with me?” Mo Yutian asked.

“All right,” Jing Xi laughed. “Daddy will sleep in the smaller bed, and you get to sleep with me, okay?’


Xiao Tieniu nodded with a huge smile and ran towards the other bed.

They ate their dinner, and Jing Xi helped the father and son clean themselves up before taking her shower.

It was Jing Xi’s first time sleeping with Xiao Tieniu, and it was a fresh experience for her.

The little boy was happy too as he could touch his mother as soon as he extended his arm.

Xiao Tieniu touched the scar on Jing Xi’s face, and Jing Xi couldn’t help but ask, “Niuniu, aren’t you afraid of my face?”

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