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Chapter 1517: Sweet Moment

Jing Xi asked her husband to put down the baby. She took off his clothes and found that it might be stomach cramps.

Little Grape was born premature and his organs were not well developed. Therefore his weak digestion system had always been creating problems.

Seeing how serious it was, Jing Xi decided to take him to her grandfather. “Mother, I think it is stomach cramps. We have to take him to grandfather now.”

“OK. Shall I come with you?”

“No need. You stay home and rest. I’ll go with Yunshen.”

Jing Xi took her baby down with Huo Yunshen and hurried off.

Coming to Renjing Clinic, they had the baby checked by Jing Huoaduo. He confirmed that it was indeed stomach cramps.

Jing Huaduo made some doses in the clinic and Jing Xi gave it to the baby.

On their way home Little Grape gradually stopped crying and went to sleep in his mother’s arms.

“Honey, he is no long crying and finally having some sleep.”

“Good. I guess it no longer hurts.”

Jing Xi looked at his little cheeks and felt worried. “Honey, can I still continue? I’ve just been away for one day and he is sick now.”

“Little babies get sick from time to time. And our Little Grape is a weak boy. He might be sick more often. But don’t worry too much. With your grandfather’s help, it won’t be a big deal.”


Because the baby was sick, Jing Xi rushed home very early after the filming every day.

She appeared increasingly frequently in the news in Estan as well as in other countries.

After a pause from her acting career, Jing Xi had showed up again in the public with a film directed by an internationally renowned director, which was definitely a leap in her career.

Her fans in Zstan finally heard some news from their idol and formed a fan club to support her.

The first thing she posted on her Weibo after coming back was not a promotion for the new film. But rather, it was a sweet moment of a baby’s chubby hand holding his mother’s finger.

A simple photo showed that she had given birth to a baby again.

All their friends and fans sent them best regards for her second child with Huo Yunshen.

They thought that there was only one baby. Only those close to the family knew what this mother had just gone through.

She had almost died in the difficult delivery. But before she could even hug her babies, one of them was taken away forever. How hard that had been for Jing Xi.

Therefore, when she played in Brilliant Stars, she made it very convincing when her son died because of school bullying.

Her grief was not something pretended. For her, the loss of a child that made a mother almost collapse was from her own experience. She expressed it vividly.

It was a very important scene. The profound grief of losing her son led to the over ten years of seeking justice throughout the film.

Jing Xi had no idea if she did it well. But she knew when she finished that most of the crew member

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