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Chapter 1539: Pay For It

Jing Xi asked Lan Ling-Er to wait there and patted her on the shoulder.

“Auntie Jing, be careful,” Lan Ling-Er said.

“I’ll be fine.”

Jing Xi was not afraid at all. Knowing that Huo Yunshen and his men had surrounded the place, she was full of courage.

She headed for the canyon, toward the darkness where she’d lost her Little Apple.

She said to him secretly, Baby, mommy’s coming to see you.

Mommy won’t let you die for nothing. She will pay for it today.

Jing Xi stepped resolutely on the rubble that made clashing noises.

When she arrived at the peak, she called out, “Yun Xuerou! Here I am! Where are you?”

No one showed up. She continued, “Don’t you dare to come out? You rat! You could only hide in the darkness, in places as dirty as your heart. You don’t even have the guts to come out and meet me in person! Do you know that you have lost it all? You coward!”

The challenge worked!

Soon enough a white figure wearing a veil came out of the darkness, and stood not far from Jing Xi.

“Jing – Ru – Yue!”

Yun Xuerou uttered the name with her teeth gnashed.

“What are you trying to do?”

Yun Xuerou could not tell that it was Jing Xi in disguise as her mother.

She had gotten Jing Ru Yue here and thought that everything was under her control. So she was already indulging herself in the joy of success.

“Jing Ruyue, you stayed unconscious for seventeen years. But when you woke up you stole my husband, my son and my family. You took everything from me! I was underestimating you.

“I should have killed you back then, rather than making myself such troubles till today.

“I hate you!

“Jing Ruyue, do you have any idea how much I hate you?”

Yun Xuerou yelled at her hysterically. But Jing Xi was not the least bit disturbed. “Your husband and your family? They never belonged to you. You played dirty and took them from me. It should be me hating you. If it was not for you, I wouldn’t have been separated from Feng for over twenty years. My boy wouldn’t have been taken away from me when he was born. It was all you! You are the only one to blame!”

“Haha… I guess you wouldn’t have come if it was not for your son!”

Yun Xuerou burst into laughter. The night breeze took away her veil and uncovered her pale and ferocious face.

“Tell me! Where is my son now?”

Jing Xi seemed anxious.

“Come here. I’ll tell you.”

Yun Xuerou beckoned to her.

Jing Xi thought for a few seconds. Then she determined that she’d have to take the risk and go to Yun Xuerou.

Before Jing Xi came too close, Yun Xuerou was already pointing a gun at her.

“Haha… I told you, you are stupid! You risked your life to come to me. Isn’t that stupid?”

Meanwhile, Yun Xuerou’s men showed up behind her like ghosts. One of them was holding a cloth bag in his arms.

“I think it’s too early to say who the stupid one is.”

Yun Xuerou could barely finish her laughter before

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