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Chapter 1527: A Good Choice

Jing Xi enjoyed a laid back morning with Huo Yunshen serving her everything in bed.

When she got up Huo Yunshen proposed to take her to the Dragon Kingdom and see the development there.

They got into a car and headed to the border of Estan.

Arriving at the border, they showed a special permit from the president and crossed the border successfully.

In the Dragon Kingdom, Huo Yunshen’s master, Qi Zhengming, had been waiting for them with a helicopter standing by. Once they arrived, they got on the helicopter and started the tour.

Looking down they could see various projects being intensively constructed throughout the Dragon Kingdom.

The helicopter flew low and Huo Yunshen introduced the projects one after another for his wife. “Look, that’s the Century Tower. The one over there is a skyscraper. And do you see the complex there? It’s our future home, the royal palace.”

Following his direction, Jing Xi saw a complex of white Baroque-style architecture. It was magnificent.

She turned back to look at her husband affectionately and said, “I never thought my husband would be a king one day. Does that mean I have made a very good investment?”

“Yes, that was a good choice.”

Huo Yunshen cuddled her and pressed his forehead on hers while they looked at their future home.

The palace was huge. Jing Xi suddenly realized something. “Honey, I guess we’ll need more children.”

“What? Why?”

“To live in such a huge home, we have to have a big family. I think we need at least six children, ideally three girls and three boys. So we won’t be lonely when we grow old.”

Picturing their children running around joyfully in the huge palace, Jing Xi found it to be very interesting.

“You are ambitious! But I never thought of it. I already have you, our daughter and son. That’s enough. Delivering babies is too painful. I don’t want you to do that again.”

To Huo Yushen, home was wherever Jing Xi was. It had nothing to do with how many children they had.

How could it be a home without Jing Xi?

Coming back from the Dragon Kingdom they headed for the presidential palace.

It had only been a few days. But Jing Xi was surprised to see that Little Grape was already able to stand up by holding onto the couch.

When they got out of the hospital the doctor told Jing Xi that because Little Grape was a weak child he would grow more slowly than average children.

He was almost one year old and could barely stand up.

But it was already a huge step in Jing Xi’s opinion.

“Mother, Little Grape can stand up now?”

Jing Xi came closer and looked at the little baby by the couch, who was pounding blindly on a small wooden piano with a gavel.

“Yeah. He’s almost one year old, and finally he can stand up now.”

Jing Ruyue was happy for him too. Then she turned to the little one and said, “Little Grape, see who is here?”

Hearing his grandmother’s words, Little Grape r

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