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Chapter 1545: Did Not Want To Provoke Him

And their children…what was he supposed to tell them?

Their friends heard about Jing Xi and were all very sad. They came to the seaside for further news.

They wanted to console Huo Yunshen. But no one dared to say sorry for his loss. They did not want to provoke him.

Because he insisted that Jing Xi did not die and that she would come back. He would be waiting for her.

And he would never give up searching!

Inside the presidential palace.

Ye Xun picked up Ying Bao from school and brought her home.

When he was about to leave, Ying Bao asked, “Uncle Tree-Leaf, where are my daddy and mommy? Where did they go?”

Ye Xun pretended to be at ease and replied, “Mommy went to a film shooting and won’t be back soon. Your daddy went abroad and will be pretty busy for a while. Ying Bao, good girl, stay home with your brother and wait for them. OK?”

“Sure! If you call them, tell them to come back sooner!”

“OK, I see.”

“Bye, Uncle Tree-Leaf.”

Ying Bao waved at him and ran happily inside.

Seeing the joyful little girl leaving, Ye Xun broke into tears again. He felt for such a cute little girl who had just lost her mother.

He could not imagine how they would react when they heard about their mother.

Ying Bao was a sensitive child. Ye Xun worried that she could not handle this.

They had to keep it from them as long as they could.

Ten days passed. Nothing was found.

According to the locals, the waters where the Black Sea met the Sea of Soul were extremely dangerous. There were huge monster fish that ate humans as well as other animals.

Whoever fell into the waters could never come back alive.

Scientists had proved that the so-called monster fish were sharks.

People felt that Jing Xi, Mo Yutian and Little Apple had probably already been eaten by the sharks.

After twenty days, whatever hope they had turned into despair.

Their friends came to Huo Yunshen and told him to stay strong for their children.

Indeed Huo Yunshen had to swallow his pain and head back to the children.

They had been staying in the presidential palace these days. Seeing her father coming back, Ying Bao was very excited. “Daddy, you are back!”

She threw herself onto him, cuddled his leg and asked, “Daddy, how could you have been away for so long? My brother Grape and I missed you so much!”

Huo Yunshen bent down to lift her up. Ying Bao got a closer look at her father and found his eyes to be red, and that his hair stank and his clothes were dirty.

Her father was completely different from his usual self.

“Daddy, you look so sloppy! And your eyes are red as a rabbit. Go take a shower. Otherwise mommy will pick on you if she sees you like this!” Ying Bao urged him.

“OK.” Huo Yunshen brought her downstairs and asked the butler to take her to play in the garden.

Then he walked toward the Red Chamber. He could barely continue

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