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Chapter 1519: Intensified

And that was right. Lady White Tea was finally up to something again after a few months.

She picked a perfect time — when the cast of Brilliant Stars was filming their final scene.

The mother Jing Xi played in the film had fought for ten years over the school bullying tragedy. And eventually, it intensified and spread out with a butterfly effect.

It caught the attention of the former president Helian Wei.

He welcomed this perseverant mother in the Blue House and heard her story. Knowing what had happened, he ordered the authorities to handle it properly.

The over-delayed case was finally brought back to the court. And the bureaucrats who had covered for each other had to pay for what they did.

Eventually, the mother won the case and claimed justice for her dead boy.

When the president asked if there was anything else she needed, she said no.

She just wanted to take her son’s ashes back to their home.

The last scene of the film was this weather-worn mother sitting on a ship sailing toward their hometown, with an urn of her son’s ashes beside her.

With her sailing away, the camera lifted up to capture a charming night sky lit up by brilliant stars.


With Director Hanson’s final call, the filming of Brilliant Stars was completed.

The crew stood up and cheered. They suggested a wrap party and Director Hanson had reserved an appreciation dinner for the crew.

But Jing Xi declined them with thanks and headed home with her father.

No one knew the relationship between Jing Xi and Helian Wei. Hanson was never expecting that they could have the real former president to star in their film.

As for Helian Wei, although he had been on TV every day throughout his presidential career, it was his first time literally being on the screen as he played the role in his daughter’s film.

On their way back, Jing Xi showed her appreciation again. “Father, thank you for starring in the film.”

“Well, it’s all for your sake.” Helian Wei felt proud. “How was it? I hope I was not a pain for you.”

“Not at all! You did not need to act. With you sitting in the Blue House, it was nothing but reality.”

Jing Xi praised her father hard.

Helian Wei smiled and said, “Your mother is making dumplings tonight. Call Yunshen to come.”

“Sure. Let’s go to Yunjing and pick up the kids.”

“OK.” Helian Wei headed for Yunjing Villa.

When they arrived, Huo Yunshen had also just returned home with Ying Bao. Jing Xi told him about having dinner in the Moon Castle and bringing the kids with them.

On their way back Helian Wei urged the driver to go faster and faster.

Jing Xi laughed, “Father, you’ve just been away for a couple of hours. Now you miss mother again?”

“Yes. I started missing her the moment I stepped out of the house.”

Helian Wei was not hiding it at all. Ever since they started living together they never parted.

It was only because of his

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