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Chapter 1524: Attract Her

Jing Xi went to look for Lan Ling’er first. She wanted Lan Ling’er to relay a message to Lady White Tea, saying that Jing Ruyue was still alive and was planning to host a violin performance.

She believed that when Lady White Tea learned that the person she hated the most was still alive and was planning to make a comeback to the music world, she would be furious.

Everything was going as planned.

Jing Ruyue went back to the President’s mansion with Helian Wei. The protection detail around the mansion was three times larger than what it used to be. It was so well protected that even a fly could not get in undetected.

All the posters and advertisements about Jing Ruyue’s comeback were shot by Jing Xi, who was disguised as her mother.

She went back to the disguise she used for Landscape, where normal people could not even differentiate between the real and the fake.

Jing Xi even went on a talk show in her mother’s place.

She talked about Jing Ruyue’s stories from the past 20 years, sharing her pain with the world.

The plan was taking effect.

When Yun Xuerou learned from Lan Ling’er that Jing Ruyue was still alive and was planning to perform again, she couldn’t believe it.

But when she got her hands on a newspaper, on the front page, there was a massive story about Jing Ruyue.

[The Violin Diva, Artemis, making a comeback after 20 years] was the title.

Even though Yun Xuerou did not want to believe it, she had to accept the truth as the hatred in her grew even stronger.

She could not believe that Jing Ruyue was going to pick up her violin again after she had forced her to abandon it 20 years ago.

It was the same violin that had charmed Helian Wei.

There was no way Yun Xuerou was going to let it happen.

The TV was showing the talk show that Jing Xi, disguised as Jing Ruyue, had attended.

When Yun Xuerou saw her sitting next to the host, she felt like puking.

When the host asked Jing Ruyue about her husband, Feng, she replied by showing the ring on her ring finger.

“I’m really touched to have him in my life. He waited for me for all these years, and we finally got together in the end. I want to thank everyone for being there with us.”

Yun Xuerou threw the remote towards the TV, smashing it with all her might. Even though the screen was not showing the show anymore, it still could not calm Yun Xuerou’s anger.

“How dare she live happily ever after while I have to live my life alone?” Yun Xuerou scolded and turned to her subordinate. “Follow her! Let me know when the date of the performance has been decided.’

“Yes, ma’am.”

The reason they could not find Yun Xuerou was because she had undergone plastic surgery. She was now wearing an unfamiliar face that they couldn’t even recognize if they saw her.

The bait was a success.

To lure Lady White Tea even more, they did not release the date for the performance right away.

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