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Chapter 1529: Keeping It A Secret

That being said, Ni Xuelin took out an invitation and smiled. “This is a wedding invitation. Jing Xi, I’m getting married and you are invited.”

Jing Xi was surprised while taking over the invitation. “You are getting married? To whom?”

She had never heard that Ni Xuelin was in a relationship. But now she was already talking about getting married.

Opening up the invitation, she was further shocked. “Qi Fang?!”

She found it hard to believe. “You and Qi Fang? Lawyer Qi? When did this happen? How come we never heard anything until now? Is this for real?”

Jing Xi was never expecting these two to get together among all their friends.

“It can’t be more real! We’ve been together for a while, but we haven’t told you.”

Ni Xuelin was a bit shy.

“Ha, you are good at keeping secrets. So does your brother know?”

Recalling their encounters lately, Jing Xi seemed to get some clues. These two had been seeing each other for a while. But they failed to discover it.

“Yes he does. And he almost killed him.”

“Haha, Second Brother is indeed bad at controlling himself. But Qi Fang is trustworthy. He should be happy for you to marry Qi Fang.”

“But he is so hard to convince. He blamed me for not telling him earlier and said I did not treat him as a brother. Oh, and he said he would not go to our wedding.”

Upon saying so, Ni Xuelin got hold of Jing Xi and asked, “Jing Xi, can you help me talk to my brother? He’s my only family. I do want him to come to my wedding.”

“I see. He was merely saying that because he was mad at you. I’ll talk to him. No worries.”

“Thank you.”

As they talked about Ye Xun, he was on his way to see Jing Xi.

And he was here to complain about his sister who happened to be here too.

“Second Brother, come on in.”

Ye Xun entered and sat down on the couch without saying a word to Ni Xuelin. Ni Xuelin looked at Jing Xi anxiously.

Jing Xi gave her a comforting look and turned to him. “Second Brother, congratulations! Your sister is getting married. You should be happy!”

“There’s nothing to be celebrated. I am literally a fake brother.”

Ye Xun was deliberately being harsh.

“How could you be a fake brother? Without you being there how could she get married?” Jing Xi continued, “Tell me, what are you actually mad about? We all want sister Xuelin to find her happiness. Don’t we? After what she has gone through, doesn’t she deserve our best wishes now?”

“I know. But it’s a big deal to get married. And she did not say a word beforehand.”

Ye Xun understood it well. But he could not let it go that his sister did not tell him anything until she had already decided.

“If she had discussed it with you earlier on, would you have agreed? No way! That was why she could not tell you beforehand. And she wanted it to be a nice surprise. Isn’t that sweet?”

“No at all! Who knows if that Qi something is reliable or not?” Ye Xun sound

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