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Chapter 1516: A Huge Difference

Jing Xi talked to Jing Ruyue about her new job while the others played with the baby.

“You have my full support. Your father and I can help you take care of the baby,” Jing Ruyue said.

Jing Ruyue wholeheartedly supported Jing XI’s decision. She hoped that her daughter could slowly forget about the sad past by having a busy schedule.

Time flew, and Little Grape was already five months old.

Huo Yunshen has redecorated the floor in the living room with soft mats so that his son could crawl on the floor as much as he wanted to.

He also prepared a small but exciting indoor playground for when Little Grape could walk.

The couple waited until Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei came over to look after the baby before leaving.

It was Jing Xi’s first day at her new job. They boarded a luxurious van with her assistant, manager, and four other bodyguards and went to the filming location.

The filming for Brilliant Stars was scheduled to take place in the south of Estan, in the headquarters of New Star Film. The crews were busily moving in and out when Jing Xi arrived.

After greeting the crews, Jing Xi went to look for Hanson.

Hanson held a small welcoming party for Jing Xi before they began their first test shoot.

The makeup artist helped put Jing Xi’s makeup on. Since she was playing a 37-year-old mother, her makeup was much more mature than what she would usually put on.

When the makeup was done, Jing Xi saw what she would look like in 10 years through the mirror.

Hanson stuck his thumb up when he saw how Jing Xi looked with the makeup and dress on. It was exactly what he’d pictured she would look like.

The first test shoot was a success. Jing Xi had gotten familiar with the crews quickly. After a day’s work was completed, Huo Yunshen came to pick his wife up.

“How was the first day?” Huo Yunshen asked on their way back.

“It went smoothly. There wasn’t a lot of pauses between shots.”

Jing Xi smiled confidently, and Huo Yunshen was happy to see that his wife wasn’t blaming herself anymore.

When the couple was thinking of where to get their dinner, they got a call from the manor saying that something was wrong with Little Grape. Upon hearing that, they quickly rushed back to the manor.

Jing Xi could hear Little Grape’s cries as soon as she entered the manor. Without even taking off her shoes, she rushed into the baby’s room.

Little Grape was crying in her grandmother’s arms when Jing Xi got there.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. He’s not drinking milk, and he’s been crying for an hour.”

Jing Ruyue was worried that something might be wrong with Little Grape’s body and quickly called one of the servants to call their masters back.

“Okay. Give me a moment.”

Jing Xi took off her coat and washed her hands before taking her son over.

“What’s wrong, my little one? Your mommy’s here,” Jing Xi said softly as she hugged her son.

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