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Chapter 1521: That Was Close!

Helian Wei was rushing in to rescue his wife when Huo Yunshen stopped him. “Father, you are killing yourself if you get in from here. I’ve called the helicopter and we’ll enter from the top when they come.”

They could do nothing but wait for the helicopter.

Luckily they arrived soon enough. Huo Yunshen got on the helicopter and they took him to the terrace of the castle.

Jing Xi stayed with her father, holding the baby and, along with her daughter, waiting outside.

Huo Yunshen and four other rescue crews landed on the terrace and put on the masks before they headed in.

The door was locked. Huo Yunshen and his men kicked it open.

Upon opening the door, thick smoke came out. It was as dark inside as outside and the fire was roaring.

They turned on flashlights and entered. Before they went further down, one of them stumbled over something.

He flashed a light at what he’d stumbled over and called, “Someone passed out here.”

Huo Yunshen ran to him and found it was his mother-in-law. They took her out immediately.

The fire was out of control and they could not get further down to check on the others. So they left from the terrace and took Jing Ruyue away.

Outside the castle, firemen had already started putting out the fire.

Huo Yunshen asked the helicopter to take them directly to the hospital, as his mother-in-law was in critical condition.

She was intoxicated by carbon monoxide and had to be treated immediately.

In the meantime, Huo Yunshen called Jing Xi to inform her that they already had her mother and asked her and her father to join them in the hospital.

That was close!

Jing Xi told her father right away, “Father, Yunshen and his men already found mother and are taking her to the hospital. Let’s go there!”


Helian Wei asked Jin Xiu to stay and take charge of the rescuing.

Their driver took him, his daughter and the grandchildren to the hospital.

When they arrived, they saw Huo Yunshen and asked about the Jing Ruyue. But she was still in the emergency room.

After about half an hour, Jing Ruyue was brought out. The doctor told them that she suffered from carbon monoxide intoxication but luckily they’d sent her to the hospital in time. She was out of danger now.

Everyone was relieved, especially Helian Wei. He had been under tremendous pressure.

What if she died?

He had not spoiled her enough.

Jing Ruyue was sent to the ward and put on oxygen. But she was still unconscious.

Huo Yunshen arranged for someone to take care of them and left Jing Xi there to stay with her parents.

And he headed back in the helicopter to help with rescuing and investigating.

Seeing her mother lying in bed Jing Xi sighed. “Luckily they found her in time.”

“Indeed, I almost lost her again.”

Helian Wei held her hands tightly and his eyes were filled with tears.

“Father, don’t worry. She’s fine now.” Jing Xi con

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