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Chapter 1531: A Good Smack In Their Faces

People were googling it. Qi Fang’s parents also took a look and realized that he was indeed a scientist.

They were shocked that the bride’s foster father was a well-known scientist.

There were further surprises to come. Someone announced that the bride’s brother and sister-in-law had just arrived.

They looked at the entrance and saw two men and a woman entering. Two of them were not familiar. But they immediately recognized that one of them was the newly appointed Chief Commander of Estan, General Jun Yan.

Having seen him, the Qi family became anxious.

Where did the bride come from? How could they have the Chief Commander as their guest?

Ye Xun brought Huo Sanyan and Jun Yan in and sat by Ni Jianghe.

The relatives of the groom were wondering who the bride’s brother and sister-in-law were.

Then there came the bride’s sister and brother-in-law.

People saw a couple coming in. The man was holding a baby and the woman was holding a cute little girl’s hand.

While the four of them walked in, someone called out, “Oh my god! Is that Jing Xi, the superstar? Is this my imagination? Could she be the bride’s sister?”

They recognized Jing Xi as the internationally renowned film star who had just won the Best Actress Award in the Cannas Film Festival, and her husband, the former Best Actor, Elvis, as well as the current leader of JS Peacekeeping Troop. It was Huo Yunshen, who was recently awarded the Peace Prize by the United Nations. The entire Qi family was stunned.

Following Jing Xi and her family, leaders and members of JS group and other friends occupied the bride’s guest tables.

Now who would dare to look down upon the bride and her family?

It was a good smack in their faces.

They were startled. Qi Fang’s parents had never expected that their daughter-in-law came from such a prominent family.

None of them bore the same surname Ni, but it was an honor to be in a wedding with the presence of any single one of them.

Thus the ceremony started awkwardly. The emcee made the opening and Qi Fang went to the stage to welcome his bride.

The moment had come. The door was opened and the elegant bride in the white wedding dress was escorted in by her brother, Ye Xun.

People were stunned by the beauty of the bride.

Ni Xuelin looked around and saw those familiar faces. She was impressed.

It felt so good to have a family.

Along with the romantic wedding melodies, Ye Xun brought his sister to the groom and placed her hand in Qi Fang’s.

When Qi Fang got hold of Ni Xuelin’s hand, Ye Xun suddenly punched him in the belly which made him frown.

People were shocked. Why did the bride’s brother hit the groom?

Ni Xuelin was most shocked of all. “Brother, what are you doing?”

“No worries. I’m just giving him a warning.” Ye Xun laughed and said, “Qi Fang, listen, if only you dare to ill-treat my sister, I will make you pay.”


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