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Chapter 1544: Lost Her

Helian Wei finally realized something.

“That’s why it was positive when I did a paternity test on you!” Helian Wei gasped. “That crazy woman has been lying to me for all this time!”

“Qingyu… My son…” Jing Ruyue sobbed. She’d finally found her son, but at a huge cost.

“What did I do in my past life to give both of you such cruel lives?” Jing Ruyue cried. “Just when I was finally able to get you back, your sister is gone… How am I going to live with this…”

“Dad, Mom, we are still looking for her. There’s always hope as long as we don’t give up,” Helian Qingyu said, trying to calm his parents down.

But everyone knew that the valley was called Death Valley.

Even Mo Yutian and Little Apple’s bodies were never found after falling down a year ago.

Jing Xi was thrown off the edge by an explosion, so her chance of survival was even lower.

The President’s Mansion was shrouded in sadness from that day onward.

The next day arrived as JS members started to pull Huo Yunshen out of the water. He volunteered to dive under to look for Jing Xi, but the underwater current was too unpredictable.

“Any news?”

That was the first thing Huo Yunshen asked Helian Qingyu as soon as he got out of the water.

“Jun Yan and Jing Zhannan are still looking for her, but there’s nothing new…”

Even though they had expected such an outcome, it still hurt them to think about it.

Huo Yunshen’s arms dropped as his body was drained of energy.

“But that also means she might be still alive,” Helian Qingyu said, trying to cheer Huo Yunshen up. “We’re going to move downstream now.”

They left the valley and came to the border between the Dark Sea and the Spirit Sea.

“Where does the Spirit Sea lead to?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“The Star Country.”

“The country that believes in the Nature God?”

“Yes, it’s a country that’s compromised of countless islands. It’s also one of Estan’s neighbor nations.”

“Did anyone go to look for Jing Xi there?”

“We’ve sent someone over, but he came back with no luck. We also sent someone to the Star Country when Little Apple went missing, but the result was the same. Since most of the current here leads to the Dark Sea, we’ve decided to focus our search there.”

Huo Yunshen looked over the deck and remained silent.

“You have to stay strong,” Helian Qingyu said while patting Huo Yunshen on the shoulder.

Huo Yunshen continued to stare at the horizon.

“Jing Xi!” Huo Yunshen suddenly shouted. “Come home! Can you hear me! I’m waiting for you! Please… I can’t lose you…”

His voice slowly turned sorrowful as tears began to fall.

He had promised her parents that he would take care of her and love her, but now, he had lost her.

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