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Chapter 1526: Isn’t That My Responsibility?

The fans were at the airport to welcome their queen back.

“Queen” was Jing Xi’s new nickname, given by them.

Jing Xi signed some autographs and took photos with the fans until Huo Yunshen pulled her away from them.

“Congratulations on winning the International Best Actress Award. All hail the Queen!” Huo Yunshen congratulated Jing Xi while making a joke in the car.

“Thank you,” Jing Xi laughed. “I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

If she thought about it, Huo Yunshen had played a huge role in the shadows towards the success of the film.

At least a third of the film’s success was because of him.

If people were to say that there was always a woman behind the success of a man, then there would be a man behind the success of a woman too.

“Do you know what I want the most now?” Jing Xi asked.

“What’s that?”

“I want you to stop the car, so I can hug you.”

Huo Yunshen quickly stopped the car on the side of the road and turned to face his wife.

Jing Xi leaned forward and hugged her husband.

“Can I have a kiss too?” Huo Yunsehn asked.

Jing Xi looked at him and gave him an unforgettable kiss.

Their lips did not separate until someone knocked on their window.

It was a traffic cop, and he was warning them not to stop on the roadside.

Huo Yunshen quickly apologized and drove away.

The traffic cop remained where he was after the car drove away, wondering where he had seen the couple before.

Since the kids weren’t home, Huo Yunshen pushed Jing Xi against the wall the moment they entered the manor and kissed her.

“Hey! Someone might see us!” Jing Xi scolded as she pushed Huo Yunshen away since there were still servants at the manor.

“There’s no one here beside us. I’ve given all the servants a holiday today. It’s just you and me.”

Without giving Jing Xi any time to breathe, Huo Yunshen started to kiss her again.

Jing Xi did not even put up any fight as she wanted it as well.

Huo Yunshen took Jing Xi’s jacket off and ripped her dress into pieces.

All they wanted that night was to love each other to the fullest.

Jing Xi woke up the next day, and it was already noon.

She was wearing her pajamas, and her hair had already been washed.

She couldn’t even remember what had happened after they’d had sex the night before.

The door was pushed open, and Huo Yunshen came in with a tray of breakfast.

“It’s time for your breakfast, my queen.”

On the tray were a couple of sunny side up eggs in the shape of hearts and a beautifully made sandwich.

Jing Xi was really touched; she felt like she was the happiest woman in the world.

“Yunshen, thank you… Thank you for everything.”

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my pleasure to do anything for you.”

“I’ll have to brush my teeth first,” Jing Xi said and was about to get up.

“Don’t move!” Huo Yunshen stopped her and went into the bath

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