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Chapter 1513: Giving Her Whatever She Wanted

She wanted to have a good sleep without the pills, and hoped that her husband could help.

Hearing her asking for it all of a sudden, Huo Yunshen felt surprised and encouraged. He cuddled her and placed a kiss on her lips. “Honey, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

He had not touched her ever since the later stage of her pregnancy.

Then she had been very depressed and never in the mood for it.

Now Jing Xi seemed to be ready to move on. Since she had already asked for it, he would definitely give her whatever she wanted.

The two souls got reunited. Huo Yunshen tried his best to console her pain with his passion and love.

He loved her dearly and madly.

Until she was too tired to grieve over the loss.

That night Jing Xi finally got rid of the pills and had a good sleep in Huo Yunshen’s arms. She slept tight until the next morning.

Fang Xiaocheng and Yi Xiao had spent two weeks in Linshi. They had to head back now. Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi took their daughter to send them to the airport.

Before they left Jing Xi and Fang Xiaocheng hugged and promised each other to meet again soon.

With them gone, Huo Yunshen drove his wife and daughter back to Yunjing Villa.

When they arrived they heard that an important guest had been waiting for a long while.

Hearing that Mr. Hanson had come to visit her, Jing Xi was surprised and wondered how he had found out where she lived.

“Let’s get inside, honey. I invited him over.”

She said she wanted to act again. Therefore Huo Yunshe would definitely plan it well for her.

They entered the room and greeted Hanson.

With everybody seated, Hanson got straight to the point. “It’s my pleasure that Elvis invited me to your home. I do want to talk about our new production with you, Jing Xi.”

“Sure. When will you start filming?”

“In May. You can take a look at our script first.”

It was February. There were a couple of months for her to get ready before May.

Hanson handed Jing Xi the script and she saw the name: Brilliant Stars.

It was a beautiful name and she fell in love with it at first sight.

Skimming through it, Jing Xi was surprised that it was an ethical rather than romantic story.

It talked about a Chinese woman who accompanied her son studying abroad. The son was killed in a school bullying incident. The mother felt heartbroken and outraged by the school muddling over the death of her son, and took it to the court.

During the trial, she was constantly attacked and retaliated against. They tried hard to force her to withdraw.

But the mother stood strong in order to claim justice for her son. She never withdrew. However, the authorities delayed the trial again and again until it reached the limitation of prosecution.

She was heartbroken, outraged, and desperate.

But she never gave up.

She fought till the end when the case was finally heard by the president.

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