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Chapter 1557: Consolation For Her

“Not at all. My mommy is the prettiest in the world.”

Little Tieniu was very certain about it. Because at first, when he asked his father what happened to her face, Mo Yutian made a kind lie.

In order to make the boy feel better, he said that she used to be very pretty. But she was injured in a fire when she tried to save someone else.

Ever since then, Little Tieniu had been convinced that his mother used to be very pretty. But she lost her beauty in a fire in order to save others. She was the greatest mother in the world.

The boy’s innocent words were a consolation for Jing Xi. It was said that a son would never dislike his ugly mother. That was exactly Niuniu.

Even though she was not his biological mother, he already regarded her as his real mother. It was an amazing encounter for both of them.

Jing Xi was exhausted and fell asleep soon.

Little Tieniu slept in his mother’s arms for the first time and had sweet dreams too.

The Jin family had settled down in the Dragon Kingdom. And now they had to make a living.

As a born fisherman, Jin Hongshen had no idea what he could do here.

But the Dragon Kingdom could never offer him an ocean.

The immigration department had already arranged for their accommodation. And now they had to find their own jobs.

Being able to stay in a big house, Jin Hua felt even more at ease staying at home. She did not want to work at all.

Jin Tiao was also a wastrel. It would be even harder to get him to work than to have him deliver a baby.

Ge Juhua was also willing to spoil her daughter and son. She thought that with the money they received they would never have to work for the rest of their lives.

But it was not the case for Jing Xi. “You cannot stay at home. Go find something to do. We all have to make a living. And you have those two to take care of. We cannot provide for you all.”

“Sure, mother. I will find a job.”

They could no longer sell seafood here. Jing Xi had to find another job.

She had to make as much money as she could, as she had to provide for Heiniu and his son, and collect money for Little Tieniu’s ear surgery.

That would require a fair amount of money!

On the seventh day after their relocation, Jing Xi helped Little Tieniu get dressed and told him, “Niuniu, good boy, you stay at home with daddy. Mommy has to go find a job. Wait for me here!”

“Sure. Niuniu will be a good boy.”

Jing Xi smiled at him and waved goodbye.

In order not to scare others, Jing Xi wore a veil to cover the scars on her face.

She got onto a city bus and headed downtown.

Jing Xi enjoyed the scenery along the way. The capital of the historical Dragon Kingdom was showcasing its new charm to the world.

The closer she got to downtown, the more bustling it became. Skyscrapers were everywhere.

Jing Xi got off at the point she’d circled on the map and went to the job fair.

But she did no

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