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Huo Yunshen noticed what he’d said sounded weird and quickly explained. “I meant my husband in the game.”

“Oh, I understood. We can form a four-man party then.” Xu Xiyan smiled.

“Sure thing,” Huo Yunshen said as he crossed his legs and stared at the computer screen. “Where are you?” he asked. “I’ll go find you.”

“I’m at the Magpie Bridge in the main city.”

“All right,” Huo Yunshen said as his avatar summoned a riding beast and flew towards the main city. His avatar landed at the Magpie Bridge. “I’m here.”

Xu Xiyan’s avatar stood on the Magpie Bridge when an angel in white robes landed on the bridge. Hey, isn’t that my wife, Yun Qing?

“Oh, my wife’s here! Where are you? I don’t see you. My in-game name is Gongzi Yaoye, can you see me? What’s your name?”

What? She said her IGN is Gongzi Yaoye?

Huo Yunshen’s heart skipped a beat and he raised his head. “My… my name… is Yun Qing.”

“Huh?” Xu Xiyan’s jaw dropped, her mouth wide enough to fit an egg inside. She’d never thought her in-game wife would turn out to be Huo Yunshen.

W-w-what a freaking coincidence!

Yun Qing and Huo Yunshen… That’s why Yun Qing is the best player in the whole server. With Huo Yunshen’s intellect, there’s no reason he couldn’t get the number one spot.

Xu Xiyan regained her senses, and she held herself at bay, though she felt like rushing to hug Huo Yunshen’s leg.

“Oh my god, Mr. Huo! So you’re the person behind the most powerful player in the whole server. Please make me your apprentice!”

She couldn’t contain her excitement, like a die-hard fan meeting her idol.

She’d been acting tough and not giving in this whole time, but the player she so greatly admired was the man beside her.

Huo Yunshen also smiled. He’d never thought that the two of them had already become a married couple in-game two years ago.

Fate really worked in wondrous ways.

They formed a party and went on to clear some missions. But Xu Xiyan was unskilled in comparison, even though she was the third strongest player in the whole server.

It was just like the way they used to play. Yun Qing would take care of every obstacle in front of them while the “husband” would just walk behind. Everything Gongzi Yaoye had, from level to equipment, all came from Yun Qing’s help.

Xu Xiyan would shout at her screen whenever they were fighting monsters like she was living in the game, herself.

“All right, I’m curious,” began Huo Yunshen. “How did you even get to be third best when you’re this bad at the game?” He tilted his head and smiled.

Ugh… That smile… Xu Xiyan cried in her mind.

“My senior, whose IGN is Yiye Zhiqiu, helped me. They’re the second best player on the server. But you’re far better than he is. He once made a bet with me saying that he’d surpass you in one year. If he loses the bet, he’ll shout ‘I’m worse than a woman’ in public.”

Huo Yunshen laughed. “If he knew I was a man, he might just die from shock.”


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