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When the day’s filming had ended, Xu Xiyan decided to meet Qi Liya.

Qi Liya’s make-up artist was removing makeup for her. Qi Liya was sitting in front of the mirror, her expression cool as autumn breeze.

Xu Xiyan knocked on the door nervously before entering. She placed a drink on the makeup table in front of Qi Liya, and said politely, “Miss Qi Liya, I’ve bought fresh fruit juice for you.”

Qi Liya lifted her eyes and looked at Xu Xiyan in the mirror. She spoke words of warning.

“Seeing as you’re a newcomer, I advise you to focus on your acting. Don’t always think about exploiting your connections or you’ll probably end up targeted by unscrupulous people. It will only bring you trouble.”

Qi Liya’s advice for Xu Xiyan was based on her own past experiences. If Xu Xinrou and the others saw that Xu Xiyan had come alone and given her a drink, they were very likely to begin gossiping.

“Thank you for your advice, Miss Qi Liya, I will keep it in mind. I have no ill intentions in bringing you this drink. I just wanted to thank you for standing up for me. I feel that I am in your debt.”

Having given Qi Liya the drink, it was time for Xu Xiyan to leave.

“I have to go now, see you tomorrow.”

Through the mirror, Qi Liya watched Xu Xiyan turn and cheerfully leave through the door of her dressing room. Her gaze then fell onto the cup of fruit juice, smiling lightly. She felt a warmth that she had not felt for a long time.

Qi Liya’s makeup artist had seen her concern for the newcomer. She asked, “Miss Qi, I didn’t think you cared for these types of matters in the production crew. Why did you stand up for this newcomer? That girl is only acting as a palace maiden. She’s just an extra.”

Qi Liya smiled. “I didn’t intend to stand up for her, but when I saw Linda and the others picking on her, I was reminded of my past self. I was also an extra before I became what I am today, and I know that kind of hardship better than anyone else.”

“Well, I understand, but I still think you shouldn’t bother yourself with these matters in the future. It’s not worth it for you to create trouble with the crew just because of a newcomer!”

The makeup artist had Qi Liya’s best interests in mind.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, she thought. The people in the entertainment industry were unpredictable, and it was best not to stir up trouble.

Qi Liya knew what she was doing.

“You shouldn’t look down on someone who plays a palace maiden. I’ve seen all kinds of drama in the film industry over the years. I’ve never cared for their problems and I’ve always stayed out of their business. Today, I stood up for her because I know what it’s like. Everyone has difficulties at some point.”

“Well, you’re right Miss Qi,” the makeup artist said as she continued to undo Qi Liya’s hair. Qi Liya picked up the drink and took a sip.

Qi Liya had always been a good judge of character. She could see herself in that

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