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Xu Xiyan could understand why Huo Yunshen’s dressing room might be a mess. He had been living alone, crippled. It was quite amazing for him to keep his house as tidy as it is with all his restrictions.

Xu Xiyan chose a white V-neck T-shirt from the messy closet and handed it to Huo Yunshen.

“Is this shirt okay?” she asked.

“Yes.” Huo Yunshen nodded. He would wear anything she chose for him, even if it was an old rag.

“Come on, take off your wet clothes and wear this.” Xu Xiyan stared at him, waiting for him to remove his shirt.

“Right here?” Huo Yunshen asked. Is it alright for me to strip in front of her?

“Go on. It wouldn’t be the first time, anyways.” Xu Xiyan didn’t mind if he stripped in front of her, she had already seen it all.

Not the first time? It sounds like what a couple would say…

“…” Huo Yunshen blushed as he lowered his head and took off his shirt.

The man in front of Xu Xiyan was now half-naked, his tight muscles in full view. He exuded an aura of sexiness and manliness.

It was true that Xu Xiyan had seen his naked body before, but now that she had seen it again, it was almost more sexy and vexing.

Not good, not good. The scene from five years ago began to reappear in Xu Xiyan’s mind. She could feel herself blushing.

Oh God! Control!

Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it!

Huo Yunshen didn’t notice Xu Xiyan’s panic. He took the shirt from her and put it on.

Xu Xiyan came back to reality and praised Huo Yunshen. “You really are like a living mannequin, everything looks good on you.”

“…” Huo Yunshen’s face was hotter than before. If she kept praising him, his ego would burst.

After Huo Yunshen had finished changing, Xu Xiyan pushed him out of the changing room to the living room where he could rest, reading a book or drinking some tea.

Xu Xiyan went back into the changing room and began to tidy up. After a few minutes, it was much tidier than before.

When Xu Xiyan went back to the living room, she noticed Huo Yunshen wasn’t there. She looked around for him only to find him in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Mr. Huo!” Xu Xiyan rushed over and took the pan. “Didn’t I tell you to relax and act like a king? Why are you making your own dinner now?”

Huo Yunshen almost laughed from Xu Xiyan’s angry face. “Sorry, the habit kicked in.”

“That must change!” Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen out of the kitchen and into the living room. She pointed at the gaming console under the table and said, “I’ll make the dinner. Go and play some games!”

Huo Yunshen stared at the console and said, “But playing alone is so boring…”

Xu Xiyan understood the feeling and slapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll play with you after dinner, how does that sound?”

“Good!” A devilish smile appeared on Huo Yunshen’s face while his dark eyes shone like a galaxy full of shining stars.

“…” Come one my prince charming, stop staring at me with those eyes. My heart is almost at

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