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When the Director asked Linda what was going on, Linda blinked, glancing briefly at Xu Xinrou. Then she spoke.

“Mr. Yang, it was Jing Xi who wanted me to give her the makeup of the second female lead. She said that she was very close to the director, and that the director had promised to give her that role, so that’s why I gave her the makeup.”

Xu Xiyan pointed a finger at Linda. “You’re a liar! I never said that!”

Linda was so solemn she looked as if she was about to swear an oath to god. “I am telling the truth. You can ask Tina if you don’t believe me.”

Tina nodded. “Yes, Mr. Yang. It was Jing Xi who insisted on wearing that costume.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

It seemed pointless to deny their claims. No matter how she argued, the blame would always fall on her.

What did she didn’t know was that Xu Xinrou, Linda and Tina had worked together before, and they were quite close.

The two of them had readily helped Xu Xinrou to lie, and they were able to push all the blame onto Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan sighed. She hadn’t expected Xu Xinrou to go this far.

She was suitable for the role of the second female lead. She was calculative, manipulative and vicious.

The Director coughed dryly after listening to their explanations. He had probably suspected something. As far as he knew, this pretty lady in front of him could’ve also been very “close” with their big director Huang Guoqiang!

Whether it was the truth or not, Director Yang’s priority was to placate Xu Xinrou. He ordered his staff to take Jing Xi away and change her out of her costume, while he stayed behind to pacify Xu Xinrou.

She was the star actress of Ju Xing after all, second only to Qi Liya. It hadn’t been easy to get her to play the second female lead. If she decided to leave, the production would suffer a great loss.

Since the makeup switching incident, some of the crew members had changed their opinion on Xu Xiyan. It now seemed obvious to them that she had joined the cast by exploiting her connections. Xu Xiyan had been cast as a palace maiden, and yet she was shameless enough to try to steal the second female lead role from Xu Xinrou.

Many were now saying that she was a shameless, scheming woman.

Xu Xiyan didn’t try to argue or defend herself. She knew that she could not clear all their suspicions, even if she tried to explain herself.

No one would believe her, and she would rather not waste her breath.

Even after being framed by Linda, Xu Xiyan’s misfortunes continued. She waited for Linda to redo her makeup but Linda had no intentions of doing so.

Linda kept her waiting for so long that her butt went numb from sitting. Xu Xiyan decided to go off to look for her.

When she found her, she asked, “Why aren’t you redoing my makeup?”

Linda crossed her arms and said haughtily, “Sorry, but I’m really picky. Everyone in the industry knows about it. If you don’t have a good character, I won’t do your makeup. If I find you disa

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