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It had instantly become a huge scandal.

Elvis was married.

And, his wife was pregnant…

Thousands were curious about the identity of the woman who stood behind him.

The whole of Yunhai Entertainment was in pandemonium in the morning. The employees were busy gossiping among themselves.

Has the boss found a life partner already?

Has his body and that “part” recovered?

Not only was the company employees’ chat group buzzing with commotion, but the internal Huo family chat group was also in a chaos.

Three Eyes: [WTF! Have you guys seen the news?]

QiQi: [What news??]

Three Eyes: [It’s about Yun Shen!]

A message was sent with photos attached.

QiQi: [No way, when did little brother marry? Why didn’t he invite us to his wedding? Aaaah! This can’t be true! Why didn’t anyone tell me anything! Damn you guys! Why!]

Jing Jing: [This is just another rumor! Little brother never even mentioned that he had a girlfriend!]

Three Eyes: [But it’s gone viral online! They’re saying that little brother has a wife and a child, and the news is trending fast on the web. Is it really true?]

Jing Jing:[Why don’t we just tag little brother and ask him!]

Three Eyes: [Oh right! @Yunhai ShenShen @Yunhai ShenShen @Yunhai ShenShen]

The three in the chat were Huo Yunshen’s older sisters. Jing Jing was Huo Yunshen’s eldest sister, Huo Yijing. QiQi was his second eldest sister, Huo Erqi. Three Eyes was Huo Yunshen’s third eldest sister, Huo Sanyan.

Huo Yunshen was the youngest in the Huo family and he was loved by his three sisters. His two older sisters were already married. Only the youngest sister was still single.

All three sisters shared a few things in common. They hey were modern and independent career women, and they were possessive devils who spoiled their little brother.

They did not manage to bring Huo Yunshen into their conversation. Instead—and because the word “child” had been mentioned—they’d managed to fish out Huo Zhen, who was often lurking in the chat group.

Don of the Huo Family: [Child? Since when did my youngest have a child? Our family now has an heir? Where? How old?]

Three Eyes: [Omg! Dad! We’ve only just heard about it ourselves. It’s just a rumor and it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily true, so don’t get too excited yet. Let me go find little brother and ask him what’s going on, then I’ll tell you guys about it later!]

After that, the third sister Huo Sanyan carried out her familial duty, barging into Huo Yunshen’s office.

“My dear little broootheeerrr!”

Huo Yunshen was busy with his work. He’d heard someone cry out, but there was no need to look up to see who it was. He knew instantly that it was his kooky third sister.

She must be up to no good again!

Huo Sanyan acted nothing like a proper lady. After barreling into his office, she slammed her palms onto his desk and leaned in close.

“Brobrobrobrobrobro…is it true? Is it true?”

“What are

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