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“Oh, my dear brother, how sharp-minded you are. You know that I don’t want to get married. So whether it’s for me, for you, or for the Huo family, it’s still better that you’re the one who finds a life partner. That way, mom and dad won’t be so anxious.”

Huo Yunshen smiled helplessly.

“I do want to find a life partner, but, who would want a cripple like me?”

“Huo Yunshen!!”

Huo Sanyan’s tone had changed and she was getting a little angry.

“How many times have I told you not to say those self-deprecating words?”

Huo Sanyan realized that she’d gone over the top and quickly softened her voice.

“Brother, what did you just say? You want to find a partner? You’re worried that people won’t even glance at you? You have nothing to worry about! My dear brother is the best man in the world. It will be a great blessing for any woman who finds you.”

“And even though you’re not in a good shape now,” she continued, “I still believe in you. I’m sure one day you will overcome your obstacles! Work hard, brother!”

“Thank you!”

Huo Yunshen returned a smile. He knew that even though he’d become a cripple, his family had never given up on him. They would always stand behind him, encourage him, and support him.

“Okay then, I’ll let you finish your work. See you!”

Although she did not manage to pry any valuable information from her brother’s mouth, Huo Sanyan did not continue to press him. She comforted her brother and let him continue his work, leaving his office.

After all, Huo Sanyan was formerly an award-winning entertainment journalist. She could tell whether the rumors in the entertainment circle were intentionally fabricated. Her “three eyes” were sharp and discerning, and she could usually tell whether a news report was fake or real.

Though she believed her brother’s words, she still had a nagging suspicion.

Huo Sanyan walked into the elevator and inside she saw Yi Xiao who had just returned from some errands. Huo Sanyan’s eyes lit up, and she moved over to block Yi Xiao from exiting.

Yi Xiao could not get out. He looked up, and saw the person who had blocked him was his boss’s third eldest sister. He quickly greeted her.

“Director Huo.”

Huo Sanyan smiled and stepped closer and closer to him, backing him into the wall. He couldn’t escape.

“Director Huo, what…what do you want?” Yi Xiao asked nervously.

Huo Sanyan could be a boorish woman when it came to getting what she wanted. She stretched out an arm and slapped it onto the wall beside Yi Xiao’s neck.

“Xi Yiao,” she began. “Have you been responsible for managing the president’s affairs lately?”

“Uh huh,” said Yi Xiao timidly as he stood frozen in Miss Huo’s kabedon, a maneuver which is often used in an attempt at seduction, but in this moment, was being used as means to entrap.

He had always heard that Huo Sanyan was a tough woman and today he was seeing it up close. So it is true.

“Have you noticed him behaving st

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