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The image of Xu Xiyan’s mother as she looked when she lived at the mansion was clearly etched into Xu Xiyan’s mind. Her mother had stayed there before she died, alone and helpless.

The darkness and scandals from the entertainment industry had swallowed her like a raging beast.

She could’ve been successful in her music career, but to help Xu Jingshan achieve his dream of being a movie director, she gave up on her dreams and entered showbiz.

She’d worked hard to earn money, helping to form Xu Jingshan’s directing career, introducing him to many actors and producers.

And yet how did Xu Jingshan repay her?

If Jing Ruyue refused to give him money, he would beat her.

If Jing Ruyue was accused of a scandal with another man, Xu Jingshan would beat her.

Just when Xu Jingshan achieved a little success, he went behind her and had an affair with Su Lei. They even had a kid together.

He would turn to any means necessary to get rid of Jing Ruyue.

When Xu Xiyan was still little, she often watched her mother hide in a corner, hugging her legs and crying alone, every night until she died.

Her mother was diagnosed with depression, and lived out her remaining days, nearly paralyzed by alcoholism. In the end, death found its way to her doorstep.

Xu Xiyan closed her eyes and tears started to fall.

During her short life, Jing Ruyue was only truly happy when she was pursuing her music career. Tragedy began after she met Xu Jingshan.

Xu Xiyan wanted to know how her mother’s love life was before she was married to Xu Jingshan.

Who was the one who gave her the precious sungrass brooch?

With these question in mind, Xu XIyan opened her mother’s closet. But she only found old clothes, nothing fancy.

She opened the crate that was filled with books and music scores. But something was lying at the bottom of the container: a photo frame.

The frame was bizarre, only a pair of ruby-made cufflinks could be found in the middle of it.

Why are there cufflinks here?

Xu Xiyan opened the frame from the back.

She took it apart and found something stuck in the center of it.

It was an ultrasound scan of an unborn infant, a type-B image.

When Xu Xiyan was pregnant with Ying Bao, she had taken type-B ultrasound scans, so she knew what the picture was.

She looked at the photo and realized it was taken a long time ago, 23 years ago to be exact. A few months before Xu Xiyan was born.

Then… Could it be that the baby in the picture is me?

She turned to the back and noticed a bit of text that was fading.

F, You’re-the-best-I’ve-ever-met!

F seemed like a codename to Xu Xiyan.

But why would mum write such a sentence behind this ultrasound?

Who is F?

Was he a guy that mum once loved?

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