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Xu Xiyan was about to sweep the clothes aside and get out, but stopped when she heard Huo Sanyan’s voice beyond the door.

“What are you doing, brother?”

Huo Yunshen heard his sister’s voice and had to give up ​​looking for Xu Xiyan for the time being. He had to deal with his troublesome sister first.

“Nothing. I’m just looking for some clothes to wear.”

He hastily grabbed a piece of clothing from one of the closets and put it on his lap before wheeling out of the room.

Huo Sanyan stared at him with wide eyes and pointed at the clothes on his lap.

“Why are you looking for a tuxedo so late in the night? Are you going out?”


He must have been too flustered to notice what he’d taken.

“It’s for tomorrow.”

Whenever Huo Yunshen wasn’t smiling, he would emit a chilling air of authority in his gaze. His face would turn hard, sharpening like a knife, and his eyes would grow cold.

Huo Sanyan’s heart skipped a beat. F*ck.

She suspected that she’d made her brother mad by entering his house uninvited and intruding upon his private space.

But how could she retreat now? It was a rare opportunity to go into his house and she could not go back without anything to report. Everyone was waiting for her to bring back the good news!

Huo Sanyan turned, looking around the house some more. “Brother, why haven’t you been visiting home lately?”

Huo Yunshen stuck close to his sister, not letting her out of his sight. “I needed some seren—”

“Who? Celine?”

Huo Sanyan turned at him sharply and narrowed her wily eyes. She wanted to hear a girl’s name come out of his mouth. Is her name really Celine?

Huo Yunshen rubbed at his temples. “…”

His sister was clearly distracted. He had wanted to say serenity, that he wanted some serenity and be alone.

Huo Sanyan continued to look around, searching through several rooms like a detective. At last she came to the dressing room and pushed the door open.

Xu Xiyan, who was hiding behind some clothes in a corner, heard footsteps. She looked out through a gap and saw Huo Sanyan’s slender legs strutting around in front of her. Her heart was beating so fast, she thought it would leap out of her throat.

Why do I feel a hint of déjà vu…something about being caught in a scandal?

I’m going to have a heart attack!

Just as Huo Sanyan reached to push the clothes aside, Huo Yunshen spoke again, “Sister, what are you looking for? You know that I hate it when people mess with my stuff.”

There was anger in her brother’s voice. She stopped what she was doing and turned toward him, smiling.

“I’m not really looking for anything. I just wanted to look around and see if you needed help tidying your house. You’re usually living alone and you don’t have a woman to help out with your chores. How could I not be concerned?”

“I can take care of myself. It’s already late and you should be getting back!”

“I am your sister and I am supposed to help you!”

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