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The real Ma Haodong had a pride that surrounded him, the pride of a silver-spoon kid. Becoming an actor was purely an extension of a hobby.

But he did not let pride get in the way of acting. He had a reputation for working hard and being nice to others.

Now that the rich kid was trying to give Xu Xiyan a lift, she did not want to owe him anything.

“It’s alright, I can get back myself. Thank you.”

“Come on, aren’t we friends?”

“N-no. We are friends, it’s just…” Just as Xu Xiyan was thinking up of an excuse, her phone rang. It was Huo Yunshen. “One minute, I have to get this call.”

“Sure thing.” Ma Haodong didn’t mind being patient.

Huo Yunshen told Xu Xiyan to turn around. She did as he asked, and saw his luxurious van waiting not far away.

Oh my, just in time!

Xu Xiyan hung up the phone and turned back toward Ma Haodong. “Sorry, my boyfriend is here to pick me up. Goodbye.”

She took her bag and jogged towards the van. Ma Haodong’s eyes followed her until she climbed into the super luxurious van and it drove away.

He scratched his chin and wondered, Wait, she has a boyfriend?

In that van?

Ma Haodong looked at his Ferrari. Of course, the Ferrari was eye-catching, but somehow the luxurious van made it look like a broken down car.

Xu Xiyan sat on the sofa and looked at the handsome man sitting in the wheelchair.

What kind of good deed did I do in my past life for the movie king to come and pick me up?!

If Huo Yunshen knew that, even after the “husband” incident a few days ago, she’d called him her boyfriend today, he might be kept up all night laughing with delight.

But the fact was, his face was unsmiling. He’d just seen Xu Xiyan talking to another guy who was driving a Ferrari and was trying to offer her a ride.

He was in a bad mood.

“The guy in the Ferrari, is he your boyfriend?”

Shocked by his question, Xu Xiyan quickly explained. “No, no. We both acted in “The Root of Evil.” We had some fighting scene together when I was a stunt double. He was offering me a ride home, but I wasn’t sure how to reject him. Luckily, you called at the right time.”

After she’d finished her explanation, Xu Xiyan thought to herself, Wait, why am I explaining so much?

Why am I afraid of Huo Yunshen mistaking it for something else?

“I see.” Huo Yunshen’s face began to slowly soften, his gentle smile returning to his face.

Luckily I was there! No way I’m giving Xu Xiyan up to some guy in a Ferrari.

Xu Xiyan noticed Huo Yunshen had loosened up and asked, “Did you come all the way here just to pick me up, Mr. Huo?”

“Of course not. I was on my way back when I saw you come out.”

There was no way he was going to tell her he’d waited for two hours just to give her a ride home.

Huh, what a coincidence. Xu Xiyan scratched her head and said, “I’ll go back myself next time. What if we were caught by paparazzi? It could become a scandal again.”

“Then let it be,

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