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Xu Xiyan had heard that Qi Liya was a bit of a loner, and that she’d never make much contact with anyone from the crew. For Qi Liya to come out and help her touched Xu Xiyan deeply.

What a goddess! She really deserves my respect!

As soon as Qi Liya finished her sentence, Linda became timid.“No, no! It’s all a mistake, Sis Qi. I…I was just busy that time, that was the reason I didn’t help you do your makeup. I’ve always dreamt of doing your make-up one day. But since you have your own personal make-up artist now, it looks like I’ll never get the chance.”

But in truth, when Qi Liya was still a rookie, Linda had treated her the same way she was treating Xu Xiyan now.

But after a few years, Qi Liya had risen to the top through her own strength. She was at a height where someone like Linda couldn’t touch her.

“Then you better treat this little sister here right. Maybe one day she’ll be even more famous than me. You might regret ignoring her when that time comes.”

“Of course. You’re right, Sis Qi.”

Qi Liya left after that, glancing at Xu Xiyan and smiling briefly before she left.

Even though Linda was furious, she was still afraid of getting on Qi Liya’s bad side.

“Come over here, Jing Xi. I’ll help you redo your makeup.”

Xu Xiyan sat down, and Linda began to help her apply her makeup.

What happened a few moments ago was deeply etched into Xu Xiyan’s heart. A few simple words from Qi Liya had helped Xu Xiyan change her fate.

Xu Xiyan was still a nobody at that time, and no one imagined that what Qi Liya had said would come to pass, that Xu Xiyan would be famous in the future.

After Xu Xiyan had her makeup on, she waited for one of her scenes to be shot. She was just supposed to play one of the servants, and she wasn’t needed for the time being.

That’s right, she was just a nobody in a group of nobodies.

Yet this gave her the opportunity to learn how the mainstream actors and actresses performed.

“Red Sleeved Beauty” told the story of a dancer named Wei Pingting and how she became the queen through the power of her beauty and sleeve dancing.

When Wei Pingting was first brought into the palace, she was still pure and kind. But throughout the story, she was set up over and over by all the other girls in the palace.

The first scene was where Wei Pingting, played by Qi Liya, was scouted out for her talent as a lead dancer and brought to the palace during a royal bouquet.

In the series, one of the dancers was jealous of Wei Pingting’s talent and wanted her to fail terribly in front of the emperor Zhao He, played by Lin Jinhuai. So she stepped on Wei Pingting’s dress during their dance.

Yet the dancer never knew that this would be the bridge that linked Wei Pingting and Zhao He together.

Wei Pingting was thrown off the stage, and the young Zhao He stood up and caught her.

Lin Jinhua was a perfect fit to play the young emperor, and his handsome face was enough to ca

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