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“I don’t care if he was the one who cheated on me or if you seduced him,” said Xu Xiyan. “All I know was the rubbish that I threw away five years ago was picked up by you.”

Xu Xiyan didn’t hold back. The reason she’d returned to Zstan was to punish the people who’d hurt her. The more they suffered, the happier she’d be.

Xu Xinrou’s face darkened. Xu Xiyan wasn’t wrong…Xu Xinrou really did feel like she’d picked up some scrap that Xu Xiyan had thrown away.

Xu Xinrou looked at the guy standing beside her, who was cowering like an idiot. Chu Yuhe had already lost the charm he had when she first met him, and now he was afraid of everything.

Xu Xinrou would’ve kicked him out if he wasn’t the CEO of Juxing Entertainment. He was still worth something.

Yet Xu Xinrou had never thought that he would do unlawful things behind her back, or that she’d have to clean it up for him.

Chu Yuhe was furious at Xu Xiyan for exposing them.

“Xu Xiyan! Keep your mouth shut! I only started dating your sister after we broke up, we did not do anything scandalous. Do not come near us again! I’m warning you!”

After scolding Xu Xiyan, Chu Yuhe turned to Xu Xinrou. “Babe, let’s go. Let’s not waste any more of our time talking to any insignificant people.”

Xu Xinrou was already prepared to leave. As soon as she heard that, she ignored Xu Xiyan and left with Chu Yuhe. They kept their heads low as they left.

Xu Xiyan stood and waved her hand. “Mr. Chu, I hope your butthole heals soon! Oh, I wish both of you a happy relationship, too!”

Xu Xinrou climed into the car angrily. She even ignored Chu Yuhe when he was trying to talk to her.

She was disgusted by what Xu Xiyan had said, and her hatred kept rising.

Five years! She’s like a different person! She’s more vicious than ever. I must think of a way to get rid of her.

Xu Xiyan already knew about my relationship with Chu Yuhe…looks like I don’t have to keep up the caring sister act anymore.

You’d better watch your back, Xu Xiyan. I’ll make your life miserable if you keep getting in my way!

After paying Ying Bao’s hospital bill, Xu Xiyan walked towards the hospital’s front door. The rain was still pouring heavily outside, and many people were waiting under the awning.

She was lucky that Huo Yunshen had given her an umbrella when they came. Just as she was about to open it, she heard some gossip coming from the crowd.

“Hey, isn’t that the award-winning actor, Huo Yunshen?”

“That’s him! He got the international best actor award for his role in ’24 Hours of Life.’ He was known as the Prince Charming of the showbiz and was one of the most sought-after superstars.”

Upon hearing the the gossip, Xu Xiyan’s heart skipped a beat. She put down her umbrella and looked toward where the crowd was watching.

Huo Yunshen was sitting there, sheltering himself from the rain.

A few bodyguards in black were guarding him while he sat in his wheelchair.


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