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In his current condition, Huo Yunshen couldn’t do anything to Xu Xiyan even if he wanted to. Yet, Xu Xiyan felt a slight disappointment deep down in her heart.

After all these years, she would sometimes feel alone, wanting a man to love her and caress her. She wanted a warm family, living together with her husband and their child…

Whatever… I should put all of these thoughts behind me and focus on taking care of Huo Yunshen…

She noticed that Huo Yunshen was about to get out from the bed and said, “Let me help you.”

“Thank you, but this much I can manage.” Huo Yunshen was still a man of pride.

The bed in his room was specially made with a handle on the side. With one strong pull, Huo Yunshen pulled himself up and easily sat.

Huo Yunshen used a remote to move his wheelchair to his side. He settled his leg in front of the wheelchair, held the handle on both sides and pulled himself on.

Xu Xiyan stood at one side, looking at him quietly as he moved onto the wheelchair. She understood deep down in her heart that disabled people like Huo Yunshen had to go through a lot of rehab training to achieve what he’d just done.

She could see the tenacious spirit in Huo Yunshen.

She liked the kind of man that would never give up on anything.

Way to go, my prince charming!

Xu Xiyan chose a fitting shirt for Huo Yunshen and went back to the guest room to clean herself up.After she’d changed into a new set of clothes, she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Huo Yunshen came into the dining room wearing the clothes that Xu Xiyan had selected for him, looking all freshened up and dashing.

He wore a black shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned, showing a little skin on his chest. A few strands of hairs hung in front on his forehead and his eyes were filled with light and color. He was dressed casually, with an almost lazy look, but it was sexy at the same time.

He’s like a prey waiting for me to pounce on him…

Xu Xiyan forced her eyes away from him and told him that breakfast was ready.

She realized she was also wearing a black T-shirt. They looked like a real couple wearing the same color clothes.

I did not choose this T-shirt intentionally, it’s pure coincidence!

After they had their breakfast, Xu Xiyan went into the van with Huo Yunsehn and they left Shengshi Yujing. Huo Yunshen ordered the driver to take Xu Xiyan to the studio before taking him to his office.

They talked a lot during the ride. Huo Yunshen was happy. This was all that he wanted.

A life without scandals. A simple and comfortable life with the girl he loved.

This was the fulfillment and happiness that simply being a movie-king and entertainment icon couldn’t bring him.

He felt that the true fortune was the happiness in his heart.

At the Peijing Eastern Suburb, filming for “Red Sleeved Beauty” was still going on in-studio.

When Xu Xiyan arrived, the crew was already busy doing their work

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