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Huo Sanyan noticed that she was getting too close to Yi Xiao and quickly drew back her arm. She took a few steps back.

After Huo Sanyan left, Yi Xiao let out a sigh of relief. He began to worry how long they’d be able to keep the relationship between the young master and Xu Xiyan a secret.

Xu Xiyan had no idea about the scandal that was forming outside.

She had been staying by Ying Bao’s side for the past two days.

Ying Bao’s vomiting had stopped, and she was in better shape than the day before. The doctor told them that she would be ready for discharge after one more day in the hospital.

The little cutie sat on the bed, blinking her big, sleepy eyes. She sat quietly as Xu Xiyan fed her congee, one spoonful after another.

After she’d finish a bowl of congee, Ying Bao licked her lips and stared at the empty container.

“Xi baby, are there any more congees left?” She rubbed her belly.

Xu Xiyan set the bowl on a table and helped Ying Bao wipe her mouth with a paper towel.

“The doctor said you’re still recovering and that your stomach is still weak. You shouldn’t eat any more right now. I’ll let you eat more once you’re out of the hospital, okay?”

“Fine. I’ll listen to Xi baby and the doctors,” said Ying Bao, slightly disappointed.

“Good girl.” Xu Xiyan patted Ying Bao on the head.

Ying Bao suddenly remembered something and grabbed Xu Xiyan’s hand.

“Xi baby, didn’t you say that you’d bring me to great-grandpa’s house today? What should we do since I’m in the hospital now? Will he be worried if we don’t show up?”

“He won’t.” Xu Xiyan took her daughter’s hand. “I’ve already told him what happened. He said he will come to visit you in the hospital.”

“Really? What does he look like? Does he have white hair and a long beard? Does he have a crooked back?”

Ying Bao tilted her head and began to wonder what her great-grandfather looked like. She asked if he would be like all those old men that she had seen in story books.

As she thought about this, the door opened and two people came in.

“Grandpa, Uncle Li, you two came!” Xu Xiyan stood when she saw that it was her grandfather Jing Huaduo and the Jing family’s butler, Uncle Li.

“Yanyan!” Jing Huaduo smiled gently as he walked into the room.

The old man had white hair and a long beard. He was already 71, but he was still healthy and had no vision or hearing problems. He walked as swift as the wind and kept his back up straight.

The Jing family has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for generations. They opened up a clinic named Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall, and as one of the oldest doctors there, Jing Huaduo was well-known around the world. He had always taken care of his body, and remained free from severe and minor sickness.

“Grandpa, didn’t I tell you not to come?” asked Xu Xiyan. “I’ll take the kid to meet you once she’s fully healed.” She took a basket of fruit from Uncle Li.

“But I was so eager t

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