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Xu Xiyan examined the cufflinks. They were exquisitely crafted, with the emblem of a leaf ring carved onto them. There was nothing to indicate where they had been manufactured.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t figure out the connection of the photo and the cufflinks, so she returned the photo and the cufflinks back into the photo frame and put it in her bag.

She continued to rummage through the bookshelves and the drawers, but did not find anything else of value.

Xu Xiyan was beginning to feel some regret. When she had left the Xu family five years ago, she hadn’t thought about looking into her mother’s belongings. Maybe there was something of value back at the Xu family residence.

But how could she go back now?

That night, Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao stayed in the Jing family house. Xu Xiyan chatted with her daughter, asking if she liked her great grandfather’s house.

The answer was clear on Ying Bao’s face.

“I like it! It’s so nice to stay at grandfather’s house. It’s much better than the place we used to live in Estan. Baby likes the flowers and the fishes in great grandpa’s garden. Great grandpa’s house is so beautiful and I get to be friends with big tigger.”

Back when they lived Estan for a few years, Xu Xiyan and her daughter had lived with her uncle Jing Zhannan at Base One of the JS Mercenary Group, where there were no beautiful gardens.

“Are you willing to stay with great grandpa from tomorrow onwards?”

“I’m willing!” Ying Bao thought for a while. “But what about Auntie Orange?” she asked. “She’s still waiting for me at home. We promised that we would do livestreams together!”

“Well… I’ll tell Auntie Orange that if you want to do a livestream, she can come over here. You both can still do livestreams here in great grandpa’s house!”

“Then, what about Xi Baby? Will you also live with Baby in great grandpa’s house?”

Ying Bao was worried. She had grown up with Xu Xiyan since she was born, and they had never been separated before.

Xu Xiyan hugged Ying Bao and gently patted her arm.

“Listen, Xi Baby cannot live in great grandpa’s house. From tomorrow onwards, Xi Baby is going to be very, very busy, because Xi Baby has to start filming to earn some money.”

“And besides,” she continued. “I still have to find the best daddy in the world for Ying Bao. So that’s why I can’t stay with Ying Bao at great grandpa’s house!”

Ying Bao listened and understood her mother’s words. She thought about it carefully. “Baby understands now. Don’t worry, Xi Baby! Baby will take care of herself and Baby will live happily in great grandpa’s house. When Xi Baby is filming, please do not get hurt, or else Baby will feel bad.”

“Okay, I will take care of myself and I promise that I will not get hurt.”

“Mmm. Baby wants to close her eyes and go to sleep now. Goodnight, Xi Baby.”

Ying Bao was relieved. She held onto her mother tightly and buried her little face into Xu Xiyan’s chest. She closed her eyes, he

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