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Xu Xiyan walked over to the hospital bed and looked down at Ying Bao, her heart aching in her chest. She had only left her daughter for one day, and she’d become sick. Xu Xiyan felt like an incompetent mother.

Fang Xiaocheng spoke quietly, not wanting to wake the child. “She just fell asleep. She will recover soon. She was crying about a stomach ache when she got up in the morning, and after that she had diarrhea and she vomited. I was so scared. Then I called Da Zhi and we brought her to the hospital. She has acute gastroenteritis. The doctor said it’s due to a bacterial infection, but it may also be that she’s not accustomed to the climate here.”

“Oh dear…” said Xu Xiyan. “I should’ve come back last night.”

Xu Xiyan understood, and believed that the main cause for the illness was the climate. After all, Ying Bao had lived in Estan since she was born four years ago. The climate there was pleasant and it was not like the erratic temperatures of Peijing.

“What could you have done, even if you came back?” asked Fang Xiaocheng, consoling her. “Ying Bao still has to acclimatize herself to this city, and it was inevitable that this would happen. Don’t blame yourself anymore, the doctor said that she just needs to stay in the hospital for two days and she will be all right.”

“Thank you! I’m glad that you and Da Zhi were there to help.”

“What are you talking about? You don’t have to be modest with me.”

Fang Xiaocheng patted Xu Xiyan on the back of her hand, then remembered the doctor’s advice. “Oh, right, the doctor said we can give Ying Bao a little porridge to fill her stomach after she wakes up.”

A nurse came in and handed Xu Xiyan a medical invoice. After taking a look at it, she turned to Fang Xiaocheng. “Can you stay here with Ying Bao for me? I’ll go pay the bill, then I’ll go home and cook some porridge for her.”

“Why don’t you give me the bill? Let me go pay the fee and cook the porridge for her instead.”

Fang Xiaocheng was worried that the task would be too exhausting for Xu Xiyan. She had seen the new scars on her arm, and guessed that she must have had a very tough day performing stunts the day before.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go and I’ll be back soon.”

Xu Xiyan took the invoice and walked out quickly. She was very grateful that Fang Xiaocheng and Da Zhi had helped to take care of her child, and she could not bear to let them pay the bills for her.

When Xu Xiyan arrived at the admissions payment counter, there were two people in front of her who had just settled their discharge procedures and were preparing to leave.

“Why, if it isn’t President Chu and Miss Xu.”

Xu Xiyan stood in front of the two, smiling. They were wearing flu masks and sunglasses like armor, but Xu Xiyan could still recognize them at a glance.

Upon hearing the voice of Xu Xiyan, Chu Yuhe felt his butt clenching tight.

Xu Xinrou looked at her and frowned. She hadn’t expected to meet Xu Xiyan here.

Xu Xiya

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