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Xu Xiyan could not believe what she’d just heard.

Wouldn’t the rumors stain his reputation?

“Don’t worry. If there are rumors, I’ll deal with it.” Huo Yunshen looked at her intently. He had a professional public relations team backing him at Yunhai Entertainment, and there was nothing they couldn’t handle.


But Xu Xiyan felt something was amiss. If his public relations team was working to remove the rumors, why was the one about the “loving wife” incident at the hospital still spreading?

Huo Yunshen noticed that Xu Xiyan was smiling lightly and asked her, “Jing Xi, how was your first day of shoot of ‘Red Sleeved Beauty?’ Want me to go greet the director and the crew?”

“Oh, no, no, please don’t. There’s no need to go greet them. The first day went very well and I did fine.” Xu Xiyan didn’t want any of his help or to rely on him.

The only real issue was the disgusting woman, Xu Xinrou. But Xu Xiyan was not afraid of her and she was confident that she could handle it.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan had a pleasant conversation during the trip. Today the main reason Huo Yunshen had come to pick up Xu Xiyan was to help her move into her new house.

When they arrived at the Blueberry Community, Huo Yunshen stayed in the van and ordered Yi Xiao to go with Xu Xiyan to help her with her luggage, but Xu Xiyan refused him.

“No, it’s all right. I don’t have much luggage and I can get it myself.”

Xu Xiyan dashed straight up the stairs. She didn’t want Yi Xiao to follow her as there would be a misunderstanding if Fang Xiaocheng saw him.

Xu Xiyan had the key to Fang Xiaocheng’s house. Instead of knocking on the door, she unlocked the door herself, changed into a pair of house shoes and entered.

As soon as she walked into the small living room, she heard some strange sounds coming out from the bedroom. She perked up her ears and listened closely, then immediately blushed.

Oh my god! Are they “wrestling” at home in broad daylight!?

Is this a bad time to be back?

Xu Xiyan did not want to disturb Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi. She tiptoed into the other room, packed up her and Ying Bao’s belongings, and left the room quietly.

The kinky noises from the other room continued. Xu Xiyan decided that she should leave right away. She could always come back later and tell Fang Xiaocheng that she’d been by for her belongings—

She accidentally dropped her box onto the floor.

Fang Xiaocheng spoke in the other room. “I think I heard something.”

Wang Dazhi replied, “Nah, that was probably nothing. Come on, Chengcheng…”

Fang Xiaocheng was getting worried.

“Dazhi, I think I really heard something. What if there are burglars in the house? Should we go check?”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t comprehend Fang Xiaocheng’s logic. There were two living people in the house. Why would a thief break into the house in broad daylight?

Wang Dazhi was still indifferent. “Don’t bother!

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