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Chapter 1488: A Change of Heart

“Mo Yutian, you were pretending to be sick all this time, weren’t you?” Huo Sanyan questioned, suddenly worried that Mo Yutian might try to take Jing Xi and her sons away amid the danger. “What are you planning?”

Mo Yutian looked at Huo Sanyan and remained quiet for a while.

“My plan…,” he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “is to protect Jing Xi.”


Huo Sanyan was thoroughly surprised as she could see the pure yet resolved look on the face of the person who was once known as the devil’s reincarnation.

She was starting to believe that Mo Yutian might have really had a change of heart, which then could explain how he would risk himself to save Jing Xi today.

They waited for nearly two hours until a nurse came out with a baby and asked, “Are there any relatives of Jing Xi here?”

“Y… yes!” Mo Yutian shouted before Huo Sanyan could respond.

The nurse thought Mo Yutian was Jing Xi’s husband and congratulated him. “Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a pair of twins. They are both boys. This is the older brother.”


The nurse gave the boy to Mo Yutian. It was Mo Yutian’s first time handling such a small child, and he had no idea what to do.

He held the boy in his arms as instructed by the nurse.

He lowered his head and looked at the boy, a baby that still hadn’t opened his eyes and had a head that was almost as big as his fist.

Mo Yutian looked at the baby and could not explain what he was feeling at that moment. His heart, which had become numb and couldn’t feel anything from before, was warmed through.

Even though the boy was Huo Yunshen’s son, Mo Yutian felt as if he was holding his own.

Huo Sanyan also looked at the boy and asked, “Where’s the other one?”

“Because of the special circumstances, the boy suffered cerebral hypoxia when he came out. He’s now being placed in the incubator for further observation.”


The news made Huo Sanyan worried as she was shocked to hear that one of the boys would have to go through such danger.

“How’s the mother?” Mo Yutian asked. He was more worried about Jing Xi after learning that the boys were safe for the moment.

“She’s a little weak and is still unconscious. But she’ll wake up soon, so please be patient.”

The nurse left after saying this.

Both Mo Yutian and Huo Sanyan were really worried, but they could only wait patiently outside.

Seeing that man holding the baby the whole time felt weird to Huo Sanyan, and she said, “Let me have the baby.

Mo Yutian wanted to hold the baby longer, but since Huo Sanyan requested it, he handed him over.

“What a beautiful child!” Huo Sanyan exclaimed.

Huo Sanyan had always heard that newborns were ugly, but her niece, Jing Xi’s baby, was clean and white.

“Yup.” Mo Yutian nodded in agreement.

Mo Yutian also thought that the baby had excellent facial features even though he was just born.

“It’s so sad that my

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