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Chapter 1473: Sensed The Danger First

Wen Ke-Er knew that they were not alone. According to the number of bodyguards they had just now, she assumed that Jing Xi must be well protected.

Therefore she had to think of a different approach.

After a while Wen Ke-Er made up her mind and whispered to her assistant.

“Got it?”


The assistant took her order and left the crew instantly.

After lunch.

The kids were playing hard.

And the two dads were doing their best to keep the kids busy so that their wives could take some good rest and chat.

The three women had done their shopping in the morning, and were now lying on the lounges and chatting pleasantly.

Jing Xi was curious. “Ruoxi, how have you been lately? Did that Mr. Feng come for you again?”

Speaking of Feng Yunan, Qiao Ruoxi felt awkward. “Why should he come for me? I’ve nothing to do with him.”

“Don’t lie to me. He surely likes you. Why not try to hang out with him?”

“That’s impossible! Let’s not talk about him. I’m not having anything to do with him ever again.”

Qiao Ruoxi didn’t want to talk about him or getting back to him at all.

As an outsider, Jing Xi could tell that Feng Yunan liked Qiao Ruoxi very much. But Qiao Ruoxi was not giving him a chance.

Although she’d only gotten to know Qiao Ruoxi for a short while, she could always sense her sadness and worry. She must have suffered a lot and did not want it to be exposed.

No matter what it was, Jing Xi did hope that Qiao Ruoxi could find her true love.

Liang Lan had been quiet until now. “Actually, you never know. Like me and my husband, we used to say we would never see each other again. But eventually, we came back to each other.”

Upon hearing her words Jing Xi asked, “Sister, you never mentioned your love story. Why not tell us now?”

When women hung out, their topics were always family, children and love. Since Jing Xi had asked, Liang Lan told them her story.

As Liang Lan had mentioned, she and Tang Yichen used to be a quarrelsome couple. They got married and divorced.

They had a child but lost him in a miscarriage.

Her gynecological problem was also a result of that miscarriage.

If Tang Yichen had not made some thorough changes and given up his family career to come to Peijing with Liang Lan, they would never have gotten back together and there would never have been a Tang Feimo.

Hearing her story, the other two women got sentimental. “Sister, I never knew you went through all that. I thought you and Tang had always been a happy couple.”

Liang Lan smiled. “There’s no easy happiness. The happy people you see have all gone through a lot and they worked hard to get there.”

“You are right!”

They were contemplating while a group of girls and boys came along the beach with surfboards.

When they passed by the three women, a man suddenly ran out of the group and darted to them.

Qiao Ruoxi sensed the danger first.

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