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Chapter 1503: She Will Be Freaked Out!

Jing Xi sensed something wrong after holding her baby for a while. “Second Brother, where is my other baby?”

Ye Xun’s eyes were blood red. He felt like something was sticking in his throat and keeping him from uttering a word.

“Say something please! You are driving me crazy!”

Jing Xi kept asking and Ye Xun had to tell the truth. “Xixi, you have to prepare yourself for this… Mo Yutian and I followed the two guys to the canyon in Mang Mountain. We managed to save this baby. But the other one…”

Ye Xun tried hard to control himself so that he could finish the sentence. “The other one was thrown off the cliff. Mo Yutian did catch your baby. But they fell off together…”

Upon saying so, Ye Xun covered his eyes with hands. It was overwhelming for him even to mention it.

Everyone was shocked. Hearing that her son and grandson had fallen over the cliff, Su Wanqin could not help wailing.

“…” Jing Xi was petrified.

When she came back to herself, her tears fell like rain.

“How could this have happened… why…”

She could not believe a word. Could her baby have fallen over the cliff together with Mo Yutian?


Jing Xi screamed and put Little Grape down. She grabbed Ye Xun by the collar and asked, “You are kidding. He must be fine! Second Brother, you are kidding, aren’t you?”

No matter how hard she shook Ye Xun, he did not say anything further.

“We have to get Little Apple back! He will be fine… They must be hiding somewhere…”

Jing Xi let go of Ye Xun and headed to search for the baby. But Ye Xun stopped her right away. “Xixi, you wake up! The baby is gone. You have to stay strong! Think about Little Grape. He’s already lost his brother. He could not afford to lose his mother…”

“My boy…” Jing Xi cried and passed out in Ye Xun’s arms.

The room was enveloped by grief.

Little Ying Bao also realized what had happened and began to sob.

She’d lost one brother. Her mother and two grandmothers were in grief.

She felt extremely sad too. Because she would never see her little brother again.

They had to keep it from Huo Yunshen for the time being. Jing Zhannan took his men from JS First Squadron to the canyon in search of the baby and Mo Yutian.

Helian Wei and Helian Qingyu also sent out their men immediately to join the search.

They took two different paths. One group went down from the cliff while the other searched upstream from the Black Sea, following the undercurrent.

They were hoping for the best. Or at least they had to find their bodies.

Christmas was over.

Huo Yunshen did not see his wife coming today. He felt worried and asked Huo Sanyan, “How is Jing Xi?”

Huo Sanyan was aware of the tragedy. But she had to pretend to be calm in front of Huo Yunshen.

In order for him to recover soon, they chose not to tell him now. “They are doing great.”

“I have to see her and the babies.”

For some reason, Huo Yun

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