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Chapter 1485: Asking For Her Opinion

He sang so well that many people placed their money in the young man’s hat.

Ten dollars, twenty, fifty, a hundred…

After he finished the song, the young man’s hat was filled with enough money for him to survive the freezing winter.

Huo Yunshen handed the microphone back to the young man who was already stunned. He watched Huo Yunshen walk to his pregnant wife and take her away.

“Thank you…,” he said to them. There was a moment that he even wanted to ask if he was the famous Ni Yun himself.

On their way back, Jing Xi laughed, “Now I understand why they say some people sing for a living while others sing to kill. You helped him make a fortune just now.”

“Well, I meant to sing just for you.”

“What a pity it would be if you never sang again.”

“If you want, I can sing for you every day.”

“Will you also write songs?”

“If you want to sing, I’ll write only for you.”

“Great! But I think we should name our babies before we compose any new songs.”

“No worries. I already have them. If they are both boys, let’s call them Long Qinghan and Huo Qingheng. For girls, we can call them Long Qingyue and Huo Qingxue. If a boy and a girl, we can pick either one from there.”

Huo Yunshen considered both the Huo and Long families, and therefore he came up with different surnames for the babies.

He looked at his wife for her opinion.

“Sounds good. You are very considerate. Then what about their nicknames?”

“I’ll leave that to you!”

“I’ll make it simple. Let’s call them Tiantian and Lele. I wish them to be happy every day.” [1]

“I like them.”

They had prepared enough names for the babies. Now they could enjoy strolling in the snowy night.

It was not a heavy snow. On the following morning, it had already melted. The roads were wet and it felt more like Christmas.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan came very early in the morning to pick up Ying Bao so that they could get well prepared for the surgery.

The second surgery was the most important and dangerous. Jing Xi had already cried several times secretly.

She was so worried about him.

But Huo Yunshen had been acting very relaxed. He did not want his wife and family to be put under great pressure.

Before they headed for the hospital, Huo Yunshen lifted up Ying Bao and looked carefully at her for a long while. He kissed her again and again and was so reluctant to let her go.

He wanted to see her as clearly as possible while he was still sober and able to see.

“Daddy, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Ying Bao saw that her father’s eyes had turned slightly red and something was shining in them.

“It was some sand.”

Huo Yunshen cuddled his daughter again and asked gently, “Sweetheart, do you love daddy?”

“Of course I love you, daddy! I’ll always love you!”

Ying Bao placed a firm kiss on her father’s cheek while saying so.

“Sweetheart, daddy loves you too. Daddy loves y

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