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Chapter 1495: A Devil’s Confession

“I’m sorry. I know I did a lot of terrible things in the past and you have every reason to detest me and be afraid of me.

“But what I’m trying to say is, please do not be scared. I won’t hurt you or anyone else.

“I have been playing stupid just to atone for my sins.

“When I get Lady White Tea, I will surrender myself to the police and go for the international trial.

“But before that please allow me to stay here and protect you.”

Jing Xi found herself speechless.

How should she react to a devil’s confession?

Jing Xi almost felt that it was an illusion. She never would have expected that Mo Yutian would share his innermost thoughts with her.

Recalling what they had gone through lately, if he was merely playing fool, he should have had enough chances to take their lives.

Yet he never did so.

He was willing to be Ying Bao’s horse and crawled on the floor. He saved Ying Bao when she was almost hit…

What he had done was completely different from the past.

Perhaps he was sincerely atoning for his sins!

Jing Xi would rather believe him now.

Speaking of catching Lady White Tea, Jing Xi asked further, “Do you have any idea who Lady White Tea is?”

“Yes. She is Yun Xuerou. I used to call her aunt,” Mo Yutian answered.

He was right. Being Lan Qiwei’s sister and Lan Ling-Er’s aunt, of course Yun Xuerou used to be his aunt too, but not any longer.

“If you can catch her, please do help me ask where she took my brother many years ago.”

“Your brother?”

“Yes. I have a twin brother. But he was taken away by Yun Xuerou right after he was born. We haven’t found him so far. I hope we can get some clue from Yun Xuerou.”

Even Mo Yutian had no idea about this. “Sure. I’ll help you find it out.”

“Thank you for sending me to the labor room the other day.” Jing Xi was sincerely grateful.

“Don’t mention it.”

“And it was also you who got shot for me in the amusement park in that squirrel costume, right?”

Jing Xi had been wondering about this for a while. Now she asked him again.

Mo Yutian said nothing but it was a tacit understanding. Jing Xi thought it through and finally figured it out.

“You were injured. So the blood on Ying Bao’s dress that day did not come from your finger, but your bullet wound. Correct?”

Mo Yutian nodded.

Jing Xi was right. So she made a bolder guess. “In that case, the one who warned me about Huangpu Xuanye’s assassination and President Qingyu about the bomb in his flight was also you, right?”

Mo Yutian stared at her calmly without saying a word. But Jing Xi already had the answer.

How unexpected!

He had done so many things secretly for them.

If it was not for his help behind the scenes, the situation would have gone a lot worse.

Huangpu Xuanye, Helian Qingyu, Huo Yunshen, herself and even their daughter…they would have all been dead by now.

After realizing what had happened, Ji

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