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Chapter 1510: Smart Mouth

“Annie!” Yi Bei finally greeted with his mother’s encouragement.

“He’s still learning to talk. He kept calling you annie instead of auntie,” Fang Xiaocheng laughed.

“Annie sounds good too.” Jing Xi smiled and hugged Yi Bei.

After Huo Yunshen got Little Grape to take his afternoon nap, the adults began to talk in the living room.

Ying Bao had been living at the Moon Castle with her grandparents since the day before and came back around noon.

She also brought back the three puppies that her father had bought.

The puppies had grown and become more active.

“Daddy! Mommy! I’m back!” Ying Bao greeted as she brought the puppies into the house.

She noticed that there were guests in the living room. When she realized they were Fang Xiaocheng and Yi Xiao, she quickly ran to them excitedly.

“Auntie Orange! Uncle Yi! Why are you here?” Ying Bao asked.

“We’re here to see you, of course,” Fang Xiaocheng replied as she opened her arms to hug Ying Bao.

Ying Bao ran into Fang Xiaocheng’s arms and kissed her on her cheek.

“Looks like you’ve grown,” Fang Xiaocheng said. “You’ve become prettier too.”

“Auntie Orange too! You’re blooming like roses. It looks like love is having a good effect on you!” Ying Bao complimented back.

“You and your smart mouth!” Fang Xiaocheng laughed and pinched Ying Bao’s cheek.

Ying Bao realized a little boy was sitting on the couch too and asked, “Is that Brother Beibei?”

“Yup, he’s here to see you too!”

“He’s so small! Like a carrot!”

Ying Bao had already forgotten that she used to be that small too and was laughed at by Lu Qiancheng all the time.

“You were like him when you were younger, you know?” Jing Xi said.

Ying Bao ignored what her mother said. As long as there was another kid with her, she was happy.

“Come on! Let’s go play! I’ve brought my cute puppies back!” Ying Bao said as she pulled Yi Bei to the side.

The puppies were running around in the living room, and Yi Bei became excited when he saw them. He reached his palms out and chased after them.

The two kids and the three puppies played around the vast living room happily.

After they had traveled all the way to Estan, Huo Yunshen asked both Fang Xiaocheng and Yi Xiao to stay at the manor with them during their trip.

And ever since Fang Xiaocheng and Yi Bei arrived, smiles had begun to return to Jing Xi’s face.

But Fang Xiaocheng knew that no matter how happy Jing Xi looked from the outside, the pain in her heart would not leave quickly.

That pain was something that only time could heal.

Fang Xiaocheng decided to help Jing Xi the way she had been supported by her when Wang Dazhi passed away.

They two ladies stayed up all night and talked about everything.

“Who takes care of Little Grape at night?” Fang Xiaocheng asked.

“Yunshen. I don’t even have to wake up.”

But since they had hired a wet nurse to take care of Little G

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